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Is my little sister sexually attracted to ice cream???

| She's eating ice cream, and she keeps breathing heavily, slurping intensely and occasionally moaning. Is this normal?

| Sure, everyone has their kinks

| >>575488
cum inside the ice cream box and tell her its a new flavor you found, see how she reacts

| >>575580

| >>575597 YES
> rises risk creep

| >>575598
No. I don't want to.

| >>575599 DO IT!
I'm Palpatine, Anakin you have to obey me

| Stick some up her coochie to find out

| Who would have guessed that this obvious FBI thread would work so well?

| >>575597 >>575599 but you have to, anon
you must fulfill the prophecy

| What prophecy? My name isn't Anakin, and no. Why the fuck would I do that? I'm confused.

| >>575770 you have to do it!
Otherwise odium will take over the cosmere

| Important questions:
>is your sister fat?
>is your sister american? (If she is, she's automatically fat)
If you answered yes to both, this is perfectly normal. Americans live by food for food. They breed in burger stands and it's a well-known fact that MC Donalds has hidden nesting compartments only americans are allowed to access where female burgerstanis will crawl to lay their eggs. It's not very fun to watch though as the female poops the eggs out and it smells like crap.

| But yeah.
Your sister reached sexual maturity and she's about to start pooping eggs.
Her first litter will be a dozen fat little americans, so plan accordingly.

| >>575771 >>575811
I don't care about cosmere. No, she's not American.

| >>575848 do it or you'll die of diarrhea and your sister will swallow another man's cum

| >>575850
Well, dying of diarrhea sounds painful, but I don't mind that last part. I'd actually prefer the cum to not be mine.

| >>575868 if her age is not on the clock then she's ready for the ice cream covered cock! ;)

| >>575868 just do it already and tell us how it went

| >>576113 it gonna went real deep

| Just suck her already OP

| >>575580

| >>576298 yes

| >>575882 >0

| >>575882
But it is on the clock. Not that it matters! Why would I fuck my sister just because she likes ice cream too much?

| >>576396 because you're the chosen one

| >>576396
because you're a devilish curious bastard who deep down wants to know where that timeline would lead.
a quick load into a thick ice flurry would be seriously unnoticeable. just tell her it's a homemade recipe from Sweden. she'll tell you it tastes funny but she'll never find out.
and you'll live with the secret forever.

just imagine her "breathing heavily, slurping intensely and occasionally moaning" at your seed... you're guaranteed to get an erection under the table...

| >>576396
OP... we are all a little crazy inside...

| >>576398
But she knows I can't make ice cream, and her heavy breathing and moaning didn't give me an erection, it just weirded me out.

| >>576417
tell her you learned it on the internet and that you just felt like making some on a whim. she won't question it a bit.
the heavy breathing and moaning... you might be surprised.
start thinking about it next time you're hard. massage yourself while imagining her savoring what she believes to be a completely innocent cream, with the contents of your lost mixed in within it, the essence you emptied into the cup thinking about her...
a part of you desires this.

| >>576421
do you hate typos as much as i do
contents of your lust*

| a part of you lusts after her. more than you think. and even if you're not that into her, you are as devious as we are. perhaps you'll enjoy the thought of sneaking some love juice into her metabolism without her knowing a single little thing...

| >>575580
This must be a very big Ice cream box to cum inside it oO

| Honestly, you know you want it.
You have a cute girl lovingly slurping cream and gravy.
You could stealthy slip some of your own, and in time convince her to lick it right off the source.

| she will get addicted to the smell

| I had an idea OP, instead of having her suck your dick, YOU suck hers

| You can do it OP! i believe in you, and so does every g/u/rl here

| Wtf guys, you're a bunch of perverts, you know that? And not perverts in the funny, nice, friendly way. I'm saying that y'all are fucked up. Why the fuck would OP want to cum in her sister's ice cream, jeez.

| >>576498 because cum ice cream is the future and OP is the legendary chosen one

| >>576496
Why do you all want me to do this? Why are you acting like this is something heroic? Why do I feel pressured to do it? I don't want to!

Think of her when I masturbate? Why would I do that? She's my sister, and four years younger than me.

| but op...
It's Your Destiny...

| You can't run away from crossing fate OP~

| >>576503
give up anon... you know you want to do it.. you need to do it.

| Of course.

| >>576509 >>576594
No, I don't want to!!! I don't know why you say it's my destiny or I'm the chosen one!!! Can't I just not fuck my sister???

| >>576608 you don't have to fuck her OP you just have to put some of that snow colour brotherly love sauce into her ice for it is your fate and maybe like other g/u/rl said do some more while you at it

| >>576617
But there's no reason to! I don't find the thought of doing that erotic, just disgusting! I don't want her eating my 'love sauce'! It's mine!

| I like how this board is trying to convince someone to fuck their sister even though they don't want to, stay classy /d/

| >>576663 >>576498
(I'm sorry for ruining the immersion and thereby this thread, but you realise it's a bit, right?)

| >>576668:
but that's the whole charm of it. the forbidden, the taboo. it's spicy.

OP, i suggest you nut into a cup of ice first and contemplate it. you don't have to do anything with it, just make some homemade cream and look at how perfectly and unsuspiciously it sits in that glass. and imagine your sister slurping on it.. it only tastes sweet, too. the sweetness drowns everything else out...

then decide.. the forbidden desire to do it will never go away, it will never leave...

| >>576630 did you find the idea of masturbating erotic the first time you did it? Dont knock it till you try it.
Your sister will be licking semen some day, its her fate.
Would you rather let her first taste of man milk involve a random stranger who has nothing in mind but to get off, who will grab your sister by the hair and shove his dick so far down her throat that she will be breathing Y chromosomes? Or would you rather have someone who truly cares for her show her the way?

| >>576683
Well, I don't think she'd do it with just some random stranger. She'd probably wait until she found someone who she truly loves. If she were to do it with a stranger, well, that's her choice. I guess showing her the way isn't a bad... WAIT, FUCK! What am I saying? No. It's normal to do it with a stranger, and not a sibling.

| >>576689
you are the one she truly loves, anon... you are so close to each other. it's not normal to let an outsider defile her. imagine what kind of lowlife scum would exploit her, the poor thing.

| >>576697
Well, low life scum defiling her sounds really bad, but what are the chances of that, and how can you be so sure that she loves me?

| >>576709
see, it's better if you do it than ahmed from the housing projects who's got 4 whores to spare and does crack in his spare time. imagine your sister gobbling his cum down. first time! bang, she can never take a first time back.
plus, she moans and slurps intensely when eating that ice cream with you, remember? she's probably trying to arouse you. do you want her to drink yours or ahmed's?

| >>576778
But, Ahmed seems pretty chill. He doesn't do crack or own whores though, I'm not sure where you got that from. I doubt that she's trying to arouse me, i think she just really likes ice cream.

| >>576830 imagine your dick as the ice cream

| We are getting side tracked here.
The important step now is to get anon's love milk into her ice cream. Her first taste needs to be brotherly or else she's destined to a path of sluttery and debauchery.
Give her her first sperm sample, anon. It will come from someone who loves her and only wants the best for her. In time you could get her to milk you in person, but for now, she must know the taste of a loving sperm.

| Or would you rather let her first taste of spunk come from some ugly fat bald bastard?

| >>576845
What if she doesn't like it? Then there's no reason to do it.

| That's fucked up in the head or idk what's fucked up anymore.
Send help to this thread please...

| >>576855 Yeah. She might not like it, and she might simply think that her ice cream is kinda out of dated and you both move on.
But what if she does like it?
What if she tells you that this ice cream tastes different... special?
What if she looks you in the eys and tells you that this is the best ice cream she ever had, making those sexual sounds you hear so much, and tells you that whoever made this ice cream must have really loved making it, thanking you for such a treat...

| Isnt that worth draining your balls for? Isn't that the ultimate proof of your bortherly love and care?

| >>576869
I, I don't think so. I've never heard of someone doing something like that before. Isn't brotherly love supposed to be taking care of and supporting her, not arousing her or taking advantage of her.

| Not that I'd want to take advantage of her!

| Lol it's cute how you blatantly denying the fact that you want to take advantage of her.

Relax.. We all know that deep down, you just want to shove your ice cream covered dick deep into your little sister's throat. Just follow your "brotherly" instincts.

| >>576898 but you are taking care of her! you're making sure that her defloration is happening with a man that truly loves and cares for her, you do love her, right OP?
What better form of showing how you, as a brother, care about your sister than making sure her first sexual experience is as gentle and full of love as it can be?

| >>576928
Of course I love her, but not in that way! Of course I hope her first time is gentle, but I shouldn't be the one to claim it!

| >>576958
that or ahmed will painfully fuck her and jizz across her face before going out for a smoke and it'll be the first sperm she'll ever taste in her life.
you would just be doing an 'introduction'. it's not a lifetime commitment, plus she'll never find out.

| >>576965
But I know Ahmed! He's not that kind of guy! From what I've seen he's a gentleman!

| >>576988

| why can't you just shut up and cum into your sister's ice cream?
>mesa fetid coons

| So did OP go through with it?

| >>577401
Uh, well, no, kind of, not yet.

| >>577412 kind of? I like where this is going
Captcha > amity grabs mamas

| >>577413
Don't! It's disgusting...

| >>577416 spill the beans!! Did your sister eat the ice cream you specifically made for her?!

| >>577423
She hasn't eaten it yet, but I made it...

How did it come to this...

| >>f4e72c well, help is here, i hope that i can give OP andyou nguys some explanation as to what the actual fuck is going on here
i'd like to present what i found after seeing this thread and getting completely curious about it and i looked it up

| it may be one of 3 things
- the first one is that she just has an habit or she is trolling
- now with that out of the way, she may have some kind of hormonal disfunction that can react to some chemical present on the ice cream
- or she just actually has a weird fetish on ice cream, that is not impossible at all, i mean, people get aroused for weird stuff for sure, because most of the fellatio is psychological, so something in her mind might make her feel tingly when consuming IC

| >>577433
(No. It's just that she puts ice cream in her mouth and keeps it there and the "moaning" is basically just her gasping for air, not actual moaning. She's just bad at eating.)

| I want to fuck an ice cream cone

| >>577425 see? it wasnt so hard, op.
You know what must be done, now.

Keep us informed. Take note especially about how you feel while watching her slurp it up.

| >>577446
No! I won't do it! I was, well, I, I was just curious how to make it, and, well, I was wondering how it tasted, and now there's nothing left for her...

| >>930ee0 that is also possible, tho i'm starting to feel like OP is trolling, nothing personal btw, not angry

| I swear this felt like op has been trolling since the very beginning

| >>577451 the plot thickens

| >>577603 >>577472 (wait.... Wasn't this supposed to be just a kinky roleplay thread?)

| >>577607
(I wouldn't classify it as kinky roleplay. Ecchi comedy is probably more accurate, but same shit.)

| >>577606
the ice cream too

| >>577616
(To be fair i'm close to searching icecream r34)

| I, I made more. I really liked it. I think she would like it too, but I know it's fucked up.

| Guys I think we gave op an ice cream fetish

| >>577827
> victory fanfare plays in the background

| >>577827
No! I don't have an ice cream fetish! Shut up! It just tastes good is all.

| >>577756 I completely regret doing it

| >>577930
Oh. No.

| >>577934
Oh. YES!

| What kind of boku no piko type shit is this?

| >>578031
Damn. I had forgotten that scene.

| >>578031 >>578034 makes me want to watch it again

| This kind of went down the drain real fast. RIP hot incest with a loli sister covered in ice cream

| Well shit

| I really doubt there's someone in the world who could mistake cum for an ice cream topping. Or think it's delicious. And I wish I didn't get aroused reading that perverted shit.

| >>578226
They would if they're young enough ;)

| >>578226 look up the MLP cum jar that boiled
The stuff looks like caramel after boiling

| >>578227 I'm calling the cops it's time someone did

| >>578227 Young doesn't equal stupid. I mean if they are 3 yrs old then sure you can feed them cum but not at the loli age. I know I wouldn't

| >>578281
What is your age then, if you consider yourself a loli?

| >>578287 could also be interpreted as they know at the Loli age they wouldn't have fallen for it

| >>578391
But what do they perceive to be the perfect loli age?

| >>578392 woah slow down buddy it's obviously 18 right? fbi-kun!?!

| >>578398
Legal loli is not loli, that's all I'm saying.

| Real lolis don't age

| Loli is not real!

| True loli age is 300 and up

| Loli can be old if she's still loli, but I'd start with 10.

| >>578449
Start with 10? Loli is basically everything under 16-17. It depends on how they're drawn of course, and loli can describe both looks and personality, but if you think of it in the "aesthetic" way I'd say maybe 4-5+ since under that would probably be considered toddler. Loli is just a character description, not necessarily a sexual thing and sometimes not even an age thing. A 2X year old can technically be loli.

| >>578453
Speaker of truth.

| Someone has to ask this.
Who is the best loli?

| >>578531 Shinobu

| I am selling lolis at my candy store.

| >>578532
I have to agree. Monogatari has some of the best lolis out there, and Shinobu is an amazing character on top of that. Hachikuji and Tsukihi are up there too, but Shinobu is just incredible.

| >>578535
Shoujo Ramune ;)

| everyone is meming in this thread but here i am and i unironically want to fuck children

| >>578574
Not sure if you're joking or not, but I feel the same.

| >>578600 eh ice cream op is pedo sexuality op?

| >>578605
There's similarities.

| Most admitted pedos online are actually feds trying to catfish real pedos with promises of acceptance and someone equal to confide to

| But most of the times they actually catch each other and have to start over

| >>578616
That's fucking hilarious! Are there videos or something of that happening? I'd love to watch it.

As a side note I don't think catfishing like that is easy to do on this forum. There's no DMs or something similar, no accounts and nobody would want to share their contact info on here.

| 4eb653

| >>578616 It's not like that.
Their activities are logged and they have strategic places they assign agents to. Specifically to avoid this, to increase efficiency, and also to avoid having people sitting on their asses shitposting all day and calling it work.
How do I know this? Who knows...

| >>578453 Some lolis can be lolis because they don't grow old you know. Illya is eighteen and above mentioned shinobu is 300 I think.

| >>578774
Shinobu's like 65o something I think.

| 598. I was close.

| Shinobu truly best loli

| >>578832
What's the full name again ?
Acerola kiss shot orion whatever ?

| >>578840
Kisshot Acerolaorion Hertunderblade.

| *Heartunderblade

| >>578876 >>578877
Very commendable, g/u/rl of culture.
Here, have my thanks.
>thank in ice cream

| >>578911
>Accepts your thanks in cum

| >>578932
(Why am I browsing /d/ again ?)

| >>578999
Because you're a fellow g/u/rl thirsty for cummies

| uh... you're posting on the wrong subthread

| not sure if OP is playing dumb or baiting us out of the blue

| OP did you give ice cumream to your sister or not?

| >>579330
(We're still doing that? There's like two posts left.)

I shoved some down her throat and raped her tight little pussy!!!

No. That's what you'd want to hear. I, well, I ate the second batch too, and the third. I ate the fourth yesterday, and I don't think I'm able to stop.

| >>579340 (we still have 106 posts to go before the thread reaches the limit)

| >>579343
(Oh. Thought limit was 150. Fuck.)

| (We have plenty of time to hear how you ended up having creamy sex with your sister)

| I have incest fetish now ,thx OP

| >>579369
(And here I was, thinking I could get away with a cum addiction.)

Wait, why? It's not my fault! I haven't done anything. I kind of want her to taste it though...

| Not because of some weird stuff like incest!!! Just because it tastes good.

| >>579379
If it tastes so good, try having her taste just the topping, if you catch my drift

| >>579434
I don't use it as a topping! I make the ice cream from scratch with it as an ingredient. That's why I end up eating everything. I can't make much at a time.

| >>579471 rob a sperm bank to mass produce you ice cream and sell to the masses

| >>579473
I'm not a thief, and, uh... well... I feel like it's more special, you know, when... when I make it myself.

| >>579475 then clone your reproductive organs and make a cum farm

| >>579477
No! I don't want to sell it. I want it to be special. It's like cookies. Sure, you can buy decent cookies, but the best ones are always the ones you lovingly make at home.

| I want to share it with people I love and care about, nobody else.

| >>579478 New idea. Cum cookies

| i came to this thread

| >>579566
No! I'm not making that!

| Forget the fucking mass production of cum ice creams just feed her the damn thing already

| OP, are you related by blood ?

| This whole thread reminds me while I don't eat food from other ppl houses or want children lol

| Just suck your sister's dick already faggot OP

| >>579803

I'm saving up "ingredients". I should be ready to make some more tomorrow.

| OP you should make mashed banana ice cream next

| What on Earth is this thread

| I fucking love this thread

| >>579858
Then it's alright, try to talk about how you love ice cream, and see if she opens up to you.
Seriously, you don't have to put your dick in her.
Just share with her how you have a passion for ice cream. If she can relate you're gonna know for sure.
You don't have to say you come in ice cream, unless she tells you she does too.

| >>579976
Well, I tried. This is the conversation.

"I love ice cream. Don't you?"
>"Who doesn't?"
"Oh, you like ice cream?"
>"Of course I do!"
"Oh, why is that?"
>"It's yummy."
"How yummy."
>"Very yummy."
"Like, very, very yummy?"
"Like, a special kind of yummy?"

I suck at talking...

The newest batch is almost ready though, just needs to sit in the freezer for a little longer.

| This is it g/u/rls, it's the climax of our story! I'm so excited and also aroused!


| >>580557
She, she really liked it. I didn't make a lot, but I gave it all to her. She was impressed with my ability to make ice cream and told me she wanted more. She looked really happy. I promised to make her more. I'm really glad she liked it.

| >>580645
So you came on your sister's ice cream?

| Mission accomplished gentlemen!
Drinks are on me tonight!(not really but I wanted to say that)

| We need party in the house thread now g/u/rl <3

| >>580711
No! I just gave her homemade ice cream where my, eh, semen, was an ingredient.

| >>580719
Shit, man, you did it? So, what is next?

| >>580719 now only if you make her eat it from the original sauce.only then the world could be saved

| >>580721 don't you mean the original>>sausage?

| I'm so proud of this community. We really can accomplish great things when we work together!

| >>580720
Why does there have to be anything next? I'll just make her the ice cream every now and then and never tell anyone the recipe. That's it.

| >>580738
And what, is she sexually attracted to ice cream or she just imagine somebody's cock?

| >>580744
How would I know? I'm not going to ask her, but it would be really weird to imagine a scoop of ice cream to be somebody's cock.

| >>580754
But funny, at least.

| Please keep making more...

| Shove LEDs into her ice cream now

| >>580787
More ice cream? Of course I will! She loves it, and I like it too.

| >>580792

| >>580829 because I have an LED fetish

| >>580832
I'm not doing it for sexual purposes! Just out of my platonic love for her.

| You're siblings, both fucked up in the head.
Does your sis cook ? Sweet treats or something ?
Also do you live together ?

Has the thought that MAYBE YOUR SIS DOES THE -FUCKING- SAME ??? ever crossed your mind ?

| >>580854 holy crap what if OP's sister has been cumming in HIS food?

| >>580909 what if both came on the same ice cream? Will they have a child?

| >>580854
Of course we live together, and no, I'm positive she doesn't! She never makes food. She's, uh, well, not legal to put it that way. We have a difference of 5 years between us. We still live with our parents.

| >>580942
See you in 5 years.

| I'm calling the cops

| >>581062

No! I didn't do anything wrong!

| >>930ee0 quick!
Stab >>7c9859 !
And dip doritos on their blood
Eat the blood dip

No that sounds wrong....
The illuminachos will open an exception just for you.

so you can use their blood as an ingredient on your ice cream instead of using it as a nacho dip.

| >>581073
Of course the Illuminachos had to show up. How about you stop using blood and dip your Doritos in cum instead? Much more pleasant, involves a lot less murder and probably tastes better.

| this thread gave me cancer

| >>581081 get it cut out and mix it into ice cream to give your little sister

| >>581104 words of wisdom

| >>581104
I feel like those words can apply to almost everything. "Make ice cream with X and give it to your little sister."

| >>581113 make ice cream with ice cream and give it to your little sister.

| Make a little sister with your ice cream and give her to your cum.

| >>581263 you're sick

| Make a little sister with your cum and give her your ice cream.

| Make a little cum with your sister and give her your ice cream.

| Can we just skip to the part you have sex with her and get this over with

| >>581573 but it's about the adventure

| >>581573
I'm not going to have sex with her! I don't love her in that way.

| >>930ee0 If you won't, then I will.

| >>581754
I hope you wait a few years, but if she's ok with it, then I hope you do.

| >>581763 don't just give her out just like that! have you learn nothing? will you just let some swine(no offense g/u/rl<3) who just wanna use your sister's body to satisfy their own lust a couple times then dump? come on OP you're better than this,so go and do the right thing. fuck your sister and let her have her long deserved brotherly pure affection sex.

| >>581815
No! I don't want that. I want her to find someone for herself. I'm not going to just take her. That's selfish.

| >>581961 what if YOU are what she wants, don't you think assuming you know what she wants is even more selfish?

| >>581962
If I'm what she wants she'll tell me. Isn't it more selfish to just assume that she wants me?

| >>581963 no, it is selfish not to ask her, go up to her and say
> do you want to have sex with me?

| >>581964
No! I'm not doing that. I've already made the ice cream. Be content with that.

| >>581967 see? You're the selfish one!
All I ever wanted was you, brother!

| And the plot thickens...

| >>581968
Fuck off. This story is getting way out of hand.

| >>581981 you want the pure little maiden to say she want you? No you have to be the one that make the move as a brother this is your duty

| >>582023
No! That's not something I want! Preferably she isn't attracted to me, because I'm not attracted to her. If she is I'd want her to tell me, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm attracted to her just to find out if she's attracted to me.

| >>582026 Brother, why do you reject me?

| You can ask your sis if she knows dangeru...

| If u dont fuck ur sister, im raping your sister.

| >>582088
OP that's grounds for a honor duel to death
Now you must fight for your beloved

| >>582088 >>582090
Having a duel over such a hollow threat? Where is the honor in that? My father told me to only fight when it's necessary. A battle with this anon would be an unnecessary waste of time.

| >>582120 wait, so you dont care about your sister being raped?

| >>582208
What I'm saying is that the possibility of this anon actually raping my sister does not exist.

| >>582243 what if that anon is the one who uses the board's api to doxx spammers? Then they can see your IP and your location

| >>582245
What if that person is me?

| >>582248 what if everyone on dangeru is the same person with multiple personalities and a secret network of computers all over the world?

| >>582249

| >>930ee0 im hacking your pc, i know where u live boi

| >>582262
Come at me! I'll fuck you up in Smash!

| >>582385
Bitch, i main fucking joker and plant

| >>582404 I want to fuck plant I bet it's got some kinky tentacles

| Is this still going on?

| Atleast let's hit the reply cap

| Op's chinchin haven't yet penetrated his sister's pussy, so we should start a new thread. It must be done, otherwise there will be no peace in the world

| >>582404
Cunt, you ain't got shit on my PK Fire.

I do not support the creation of a second thread. It was fun, but I'm not continuing this shit.

| >>583062
Oh shit, youre right.
Fire counters plant
Bitch you forgot my joker, a dark type.

| And so the saga ends

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