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Highschool crush OP update

| Alright g/u/rls, its been a long while- in this time I broke up with gf, she didn't really like me it was just that she felt obligated to say yes. Moved on. And got with someone who confessed to me, a friend since I started highschool. The two of us have been dating for two weeks and I got to second base, she is however working for the summer for a while and it'll be 4 weeks until we see eachother again. When she comes back we might get into some fairly lewd stuff.

| I love sex.

| Have fun dude!

| Thanks

| cheers anon, post details of what you did later

| Nice. Hope things go well with the new gf.

| Hope you don't catch a cold.

| When she comes back she'll kick you away after seeing she was better off without you.

| Ok fellas I miss her like hell and I'm trying to find a way to cope- also when I was gone did the community get more toxic?

| >>575183 yep

| >>575183
It probably did. It's always been toxic, but I've felt like it's been a lot worse recently. Try to ignore it.

| toxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxictoxic

> ants hate runt

| >>575239
I don't think it's toxic, we have badly trained baiters, but they're really just having their fun in a mildly offensive way...
And I find it funny.

| Oh yea, if you miss someone, make sure they realise how much you missed them when they get back in attacc range

| >>574904
But girls can't kiss girls!

| >>575421 or can they?
> vsauce music starts playing

| >>575421 OP here, I hope you can keep a secret.. I was sent by the boys as an adventurer on the internet, an internet explorer if you will

| >>575513 liar, if you enter the internet a badly explained and completely wrong version of a quantum physics phenomenon will instantly turn you into a girl

| >>575513
Internet exppfffffffttttjfkdjkgndkzkfjkd

| >>575525 [OP] we've aquired the technology to be able to retain us as fine gentlemen, the savages however are instantly turned into Becky's and Veronica's who keep talking trash about the other girls

| >ywn go back to being a highschooler and having highschool crushes and a highschool gf and highschool summer dates and awkward first time sexual experiences and innocent word that mean nothing in the real world but are said with such honesty and ignorance that you want to treasure them forever
Enjoy these moments op, it all goes downhill from there

>mates burnt bait
These shitposters are getting laughed at by captcha

| it's probably my fault that it's gotten toxic. i'm a 4chan refugee

| >>576079
It's ok g/u/rl, there's still time to fix things, the toxicity only started recently

>tfw i'm in high school but never experienced those

I fucking hate that word

| >>576109
The word Hate is toxic. Please stop using that.

| >>576114 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rqTvN_jddaM

| Alright g/u/rls, we're gonna tape eachother to chairs and distract eachother by making out and being lewd, the person to get out first gets a fingering or handjob respectively, any questions, advice, etc?

| ^[OP]

| go go go get it boyo!

| >>576079 4chan refugees are ok, just be nice.

| >>d3018e [OP] uwu thank, so she might not go to her second session for her job so it's either that we've got 14 or 26 days until we can see eachother again, really hoping it's the 14

| [OP] Alright g/u/rls, I should probably rename the thread for when I continue, any suggestions for the name? I'm thinking something basic and straight to the point like "Highschool relationship"

| >>576330 sounds good to me

| Yeah cool. I mean, it's your thread so you can do whatever you want with it.

| >>576121
That's fucking hot, ain't it.

| Alright g/u/rls, so she's working her second and possibly third session which means that we're seeing each other in what is as of now 24 days- and I think I'm gonna give her head when we see each other again

| ^[OP]

| >>574904
Use protection, kids.

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