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What's your favourite porn medium

| For example porn videos or images, hentai, doujinshi, hentai images or other things.

Personally I just love hentai images because there is usually a lot of quality drawing and there is always lots of stuff for every kind of fetish, and anime feet and thighs are just not the same as real feet and thighs plus monster girls and other things that are just not explored in other mediums

| Imagination

| Honestly? Things that give off a real feeling of personality and individualness to the people, you know? Idk. Tumblr had a lot of smutty art like that but that's gone now haha

| All of them. Also flash games, mods for games like Sims 4 and Fallout NV, my own imagination.

Shoutout to my captcha "duh rough quick"

| There is always good stuff on newgrounds, games, videos etc

| Sometimes it's videos sometimes it's images
Depends on my mood.

| The Internet

| konachan

| Don't got a favorite. Sometimes I'm in the mood for hentai, sometimes I'm in the mood for porn. Depends

| I have questions for you /g/urls. Every time you watch/play/read hentai, doujinshi, porn, etc. Are you jacking off? Because I read 18+ doujins for fun and have wicked whims on the sims 4 and just laugh whenever my sims fuck. Maybe it's normal or maybe I have no sex drive anymore.

But imagination is the best lol

| lolis. i like it when loli mediums get possessed by a milf spirit because i like my lolis to sound all mature and slightly insecure.

| Just videos.
>>574689 I occasionally read eroge. Only read hentai scenes for the sake of completionism, I don't even like most of them, but can't skip through.

| >>574711 Mr. Nick that's called a stepladder

| >>574711 same

| >>574711
I think I agree. Lolis that sound too childish make me hate myself.

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This thread is permanently archived