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I need anal training, help

| Hi... I need to get better at anal. I can only get one finger in right now... How can I stretch it out a bit so I can take a dick? I can't buy plugs or toys right now.

| Just keep using one finger until your super used to it and eventually it'll feel a bit more roomy then you can use two fingers and you just rinse and repeat until you can fit a dick or a fist... Also lube is your friend.

| use more lube than you deem necessary
also m/f?

| I want to try anal stuff but am too scared or can't seem to get to the part where it feels good? Also using an enema every single time seems like... What if you aren't still sufficiently horny by the time you're clean?

| Quality thread.

| I love sex.

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| ass

| >>574354 yes, a very peak performance thread here

| >>574240
Use lots of lube, put a condom over a small cylindrical vegetable like a cucumber and relax.

| Op here, got a icepack that was shaped like a long, thin cylinder and tried fucking myself with it, used olive oil as lube. Are you supposed to be able to fuck in and out kinda fast on your first go? Because it kinda hurt when I tried that... And I couldn't cum from just it, even though it felt pretty good.
I'm a trans girl btw, if that helps.

| >>574908 you might want to slow down your first time. At least until there is minimal pain. I heard of too many people going to hospitals for embarrassing sex injuries lol
Also ice might make the muscles tense up so you might want to use some gentle heat instead (if you can warm up the icepack) Don't forget lots of lube /g/url! Best of luck!

| >>574956 alright! I did it again last night, slower though. And btw I don't freeze the ice pack lol, that would be painful! But going slower did make it feel much better this time, I still couldn't cum from just that though. I'm actually kinda sad about that... Maybe next time though ^^

| How it feel like to cum from ur ass?

I'm just curious...sorry

| OP where are you located

| >>574286 you don't *have* to enema every time, if you're just by yourself and testing the waters as it were you could get away with a glove or condom or something

As for it not feeling good, just relax hell don't even push your finger in at first just run it around outside and slowly push it a little and then go back it's important to not rush it and being horny really helps of course, if you're just doing it because you want to try it it'll be harder

| Op I haven't cum from there ether, it might change when you have a partner or a better toy or something but I've heard you need to focus on the feeling and that it can take a long time

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