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Is is possible to intelligent men get laid?

Why does it feel that the smarter you are the more worse you get in social activities

| Yes it's possible, common even
That's why retards who think they're actually brilliant intellectuals and feel the need to point how much smarter they are than everyone else never get laid

| >>07d015 what about people who are super smart but everyone thinks they are weird or boring? (not a retard or someone anoying, just a person who is very misunderstood but also a brilliant genious when you look inside)

| >>569855 there's no such thing, you're just using your "brain" as a justification as to why others should adapt to you while you don't need to adapt to others
If you're so smart, go out and learn proper communication, even the most boring subject can be interesting and engaging if you know HOW to present it.

Try to learn more "soft skills" get out of you comfort zone and venture out into social settings.

Stop victimizing yourself and go acquire skills relevant to your objectives.

| https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect

If one thinks of themself as more intelligent than others, they're likely to be thought of as a braggart, whether they're right or not. Intelligence is a desirable dating trait, but only if it's used in a socially apt way. Focusing on your benefits will not help; they're already your strong suit. Instead, try and fix your shortcomings.

| >>569883 this is extremely solid advice

| There is a saying
>stupid fucks best
But it's incomplete! The truth is:
>stupid fucks best with stupid
So intelligent people are more likely attracted by also intelligent ones (exception: fetish stuff). The brain is the most important sexual organ after all!

Btw. beeing sexually attracted the most to intelligence is called "sapiosexuality"

Nevertheless, education and cultivation are also very important.

| I think everyone's got it covered here but remember the point of dating is to marry someone yea, so if you have 0 personally no one is going to want to live with you for the next 40 years, don't make "acthully I have a very high iq" your entire personality

| Be smart and call yourself stupid. That's the way. The only sexually attracting thing in intelligence is erudition (from my experience). If you have your own opinion and broad interests than you are more interesting to talk to.

| Actually there is such a thing as EQ (emotional iq basicly). This is far more important to get laid.

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