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A close friend of my girlfriend and I wants to join our relationship and be a throuple

| Me and my girlfriend have been together for 9 years now, and a close friend wants to join us. My girlfriend isn't a very sexual person and has told me in the past that I could have a "sex friend" since she has a low sex drive, but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of a sex friend, I love my girlfriend and I also love our friend platonically up until now, I want to ask my girlfriend how she would feel about it but I'm nervous to how she will respond.

| Wow, that's an interesting story. I don't have any advice, sorry. But keep us updated.

| As a completely boring monogamous conservative I'd recommend you to avoid seeing more than one person
But as someone who respects other's choices I also recommend that you do whatever you feel is right

| Been there, done that.
My partner got together with another gurl (open relationship), then we became a throuple, then I became a third wheel, and then we all broke up. So, uh, there's that. Hope it will go better for you.

| So I talked it over and my girlfriend is ok with it, were having our first date as a throuple in about 30 minutes so I'll let you all know how it goes.

| Lucky man. It could ruin your existence relatiinship, but dating to gurls at once and having ffm-threesomes are almost every man's dream

| Damn, message above looks like it has been written by someone retarded. Sorry for typos, just woke up

Really hope your new relatiinship will be allright, op. Keep us updated

| Op is on his way to become the first harem protagonist that actually has sex with the girls in his harem
Make us proud op!

| Hey so long as everyone's consenting to it and are adults go for it. Just because I'm alone doesn't mean others can't take advantage of not being if that non-hurtful opportunity arises, I'm not bitter
You lucky son of a bitch...

| So the date went really well we went to Dave and Buster's and played games until midnight then went home, drank and watched movies. things didn't get really intimate but we all cuddled on the couch together which was nice. I'll keep you all updated as things progress. Thanks for all the support!

| Make new threads if this one dies.

| So tonight we "consummated" our relationship, it was awkward at first but as soon as we all got comfortable things felt natural easily the best night of my life, as I'm typing this I have two people I care about on each side of me, life is good my friends, tomorrow I'll go further into details if you all want lol

| Yo wtf the harem begins!? Man, you are lucky lol

| Be careful bro. Jealousy could brew. Or worse. The other two could fall in love and leave you.

| >>570472 man, we need ALL the details! This is what is /d/ for

| >>570969
I thought /d/ was for Dragon.

| >>571046 /d/ is dragon dick dimension

| I'm not the kind of person who could handle a poly thing (lmao I'm not even able to get a girlfriend as it is let alone two) but I wish it were more normalized that there can be healthy poly relationships with awareness/guidelines/consent because maybe some people would just fucking chill out

| Ok so I'm not going to use names but my girlfriend of 9 years will be girlfriend A and my new one will be GFB to simplify things, so me GFA and GFB were sitting laying in bed watching some movies just hanging out and I feel GFB place her hand on my lower thigh, she started to work her hand up a few inches until she was just grazing the tip of my dick, she looks to GFA and asked if she minded if we all got a little closer as a throuple and she nodded and laid her head back down on

| My chest. GFB then went under my boxers and gently started stroking and tracing the tip of my dick with her finger, at this point I was pretty hard, GFA looks down and sees what's going on and laughs a little and said "you two aren't wasting any time." And she watched as she jerked me off for 15 minutes then GFB took off her shirt and bra and starts titfucking me GFA places my hand on her chest and I start massaging her boobs then GFA takes off her shirt and bra and I start

| Kissing and sucking on her boobs, at this point GFB has taken off her panties and is grinding on my dick GFA took hers off and sits on my face, and what surprised me is they both started making out, then I slip my dick into GFBs pussy and start fucking her while I have GFA riding my face GFB cums on my dick and a few seconds later I came inside her. Then we took a break for a few minutes

| and swapped positions so GFA could get fucked. The whole thing took 3 hours I was exhausted but it was easily the hardest I've ever came in my life.

| >>7c6b24 yeah I wish it was more normalized, already have some friends who gave us mixed messages when we told them about it

| >>571224 >>571225 >>571226 >>571227
Sounds hot,hope we get more updates and also hope the relationship goes well. Your living the dream. Just hope there is not too much drama.

| >>571261 anyone who is against it just won't be a part of our lives anymore, we don't need that kind of negativity in our lives.

| I think having a threesome is a good thing to prevent jeausly. Jeausly is the biggest issue in a poly relation.
The other problematic thing for you could be, that your gfs may consist on their right to fuck with other dudes. No matter if you keep everything transparent or if you just say you don't want to know about it (which is a bad option), in your situation you can't seriously disallow them generally to have other partners too.

| >>8689e9 when we started this they both said they just wanted the three of us to be together all three of us are in a committed relationship, if both of them wanted to have sex it's ok if just me and GFB/GFA wanted to have sex that's fine. It's like a normal relationship just with an extra person lol

| >>then GFB took off her shirt and bra and starts titfucking me


| At times like this even atheists are becoming religious. Fellow gurls, let us pray, so every one of us fill find not one loving heart, but two or even three. And, of course, let’s pray for op's awesome new relatiinship. I'm really glad for you, op. Society taught us that polygamic relationships are always bad and inevitable breaks apart. Hope you'll prove it wrong

| >>063722 this is very true, who says people can't be in committed relationships with two other people or more, I have a good feeling about my new relationship I think we will last

| >>571517
I agree. Becoming unhappy should not be the privilege of monogamous couples.

| >>571494

| This thread needs an update!

| How did you know they were making out if GFA was sitting on your face though? Just asking.

| I guess op's too busy to answer because he is having time of his life

| >>572077 let's hope this is true.

| That's how murder stories begin
One of you three will get greedy and start increasing your numbers until the jealousy of one of the original three grows too much and half of your harem ends up dead maybe you if you're not the jealous psycho killer yourself

| All I can say, is best of luck OP! You really are living the dream!

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