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| You ever see these adds like these? Like who is paying for them? Who clicks on these adds? Everyone knows that they are bullshit and no one is going to buy their sham of a product. The reason being is that if it increased your penis size we all know everyone would be buying it. Aren't bthere laws on blatantly deceptive marketing? Also same goes for those HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA!!

| I loke to think someone paid in advance for years of advertising their "magical penis enhancer" and now they regret it because of a no refunds policy and the fact their product didn't work

| Aren't those adds based on your history?



| >>569313 that'll be 199.99¥. Cash or card?

| Maybe you should just use an adblock

| >>569466
I do now but,before I learned what adblock was I would see these ads and who believes in themand buys them? Better yet,how can they get away with making such obviously bogus claims? Isn't there laws against blatant false advertising. This is like saying CLICK NOW TO GET THIS DRUG THAT 100% CURES CANCER.

| >>569547 There's nothing holy to the advertisers. They will use anything to take your money. These ads are probably aimed at elder people, who have a little more faith in humanity than they should. For example, I do think that my grandma would probably believe something like THIS ELEPHANT SHIT WOULD MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK YOUNGER THREE TIMES or so

| Or those godawful ads for porn sites that are literally just stolen SFM animations off rule34


| >>569547 third world dwellers, tech illiterate, elderly people. Those are reasons why nigerian price email scam is still a thing. Even if 1/1000 peopple fall for it, it's still worth doing because it cost them almost nothing to send 1000 emails. Almost the case with ad places in some dodgy website, they are probably really cheap.

| >>569625 >>569567 >>569560
I feel like there should be laws on this shit. It is straight up illegal and even in the mobile market you have this deceptive shit.

| itd be interesting if they actually led anywhere but most of the games don't actually exist. at least nutaku is real :/
>scowl tin wacko

| >>569945 Really that site is somewhat trust worthy? I kind of stayed far away after I got an add for it since pretty much 99.99999% of adult adds are straight up lies and probably break some law in one way or another.

| >>569625 for most gray area websites, this is their only source of revenue. It's what keeping them alive.
Like anime pirating sites.


ye. Please be grateful ..

| >>570468 'trustworthy'? maybe not. but it does exist, and you can play the shitty porn games, until they start charging you for premium currency.

| >>570468 as trustworthy as a hentai clicker game site can get
you won't get viruses from them, but the games are lame and I'm not risking wasting money on them

| I would imagine ad's owners are hard to trace, so they get away from justice. The world would have been a better place indeed without all that rubbish. We need an internet police. As an international organization.

| >>570826 whilst that would be good. I am afraid of the eventually over reach an international internet police force would have. It would be good at first though eventually it would devolve and corruption would take hold and then the censorship....
There are probably better ways to curb it. Like laws individual contries could pass to curb this rampant dishonesty in advertising.

| OMG it works!

| >>570917 benis Exdeedeedeedeedeedeedeedee :DDD

| >>570917 >>570956 common g/u/rls this is a totally serious thread with a totally serious topic with serious content. We need to get serious about GAINING 2 INCHES ON YOUR COCK IN 3 DAYS

| >>571260 True. Then I have a serious question. What if our customers don't have a cock?

| >>571322
Just tell them to buy one first lmao

| Hahahahaha i once searched "penis stiffy uh" on youtube and a tutorial on how to extend penis came out.

| >>571486
Gotta love YouTube recommendations.

| "there are hot singles in your area" wasn't a scam.

YOU were the the hot single all along UwU

| >>571874 you just made my day, thanks my good g/u/rl.

Even though I know that I'm only hot because of the fever I caught

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