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I want to get laid by someone I care about. But im alone

| Help me find someone and get laid. But somethinf meaningful

| try erp psychos.. some of them might be nice, if you're extremely lucky
>azov gays stink
okay what the fuck lain i'm actually mad now[/spoiler]

| >>d17d43 aren't we all?

| Mood OP
Biggest saddest most unfulfillable mood
Haaaaa I shouldn't have been born why is love such an unattainavle thing

| Go out with a hooker

| Im a gurl btw

| >>568549
Hookers dont love you
I want love
I want to look up with teary eyes into those of my beloved as she straddles me and whispers that I'm here before she leans down to slowly bring our lips together (then totally thrust her hips and ram her strap on into me)

| If you are that desprate but avoiding hookers, then lower your standard. Or just be the hooker and find love that way.

| >>d7eb8d "I want to look up with teary eyes into those of my beloved" Stop being a fag then think about love
More seriously, try to think why you're alone in the first place. Maybe because you're boring ? You have no personality ? You have ugly features (obesity, acne..) ?

Think why women don't want you. And stop being such a faggot Op

| >>568765 y i k e s this is some cringe normie shit

| I am OP i did not write the whole "teary eyes" think. Thats pbly a dude. Ima gurl. I want something genuine.

| >>a9e8cd >haha ur such a normie
Dude, who fucking cares ? At least I'm legit tryna help people. Don't think you're any different from hipsters, they do the same shit. They try to make themselves different by pointing out how a person acts
Btw, I'd rather be a normie than a fag like you ;-)

>>7862e3 Also my bad real OP. However, you still should ask yourself those questions (those from my last post)

| >>a9e8cd probably is one of those people who believe that the world owes them something and they're so special that everyone else has to change and adapt to their flaws
This kind of faggot makes the world a worse place

| it doesn't matter how good your advice is if you're passive aggressive about it

| I don't think finding a meaningful sexual relationship is something you can just do. You first need to fall in love with someone who loves you back, and then you need to spend most of your free time with said person.

"You're probably a boring, obese faggot with no personality" is not what I'd call advice. More like unwarranted aggression born from massive amounts of insecurity. I'd say that "no personality" would be a lot better than your personality.

| >>830ccc I do agree that it was a dick move but what I'm trying to say is that OP should think about who she is and how she can improve herself as a person

| >>568844
Ah. Yeah, that's definitely good advice. While in most cases the reasons for someone being lonely is not due to their appearance, but rather isolation or distancing yourself due to anxieties and insecurities, those things are also things that can be improved.

If you rarely interact with others the chance of others interacting with you is not the best. I'm not saying that that's the only reason though. It's not always easy to find a partner, even if you're sociable.

| Try double list

| >>568849
So how does one go about improving those things? Specifically anxieties and insecurities. Therapy?
And what about being boring? Get into some hobbies? What if nothing sticks?

| >>569337
For anxieties and insecurities therapy is highly recommended. You could also talk openly about them to someone you trust, but therapy is ideal.

But what do you mean by "being boring"? I'm not sure I understand what makes someone boring or not.

| >>569340
Neither do I, if I'm being honest. I guess not being able to grab (and keep) someone's interest, or not being able to regularly carry a solid conversation that's not just small talk. Or having an attractive personality. I have no idea tbh.

| >>569361
Well, it completely depends on the other person. A conversation that you find boring someone else may find incredibly interesting.

"Attractive personality" also depends on the other person. Not everyone finds the same thing attractive. People are attracted to different things, which means that different people are attracted to different personalities. It's not as simple as X is attractive and Y is unattractive. X is attractive to some, while Y appeals to others.

| >>569375
While you are absolutely correct, I feel like there are still some objectively attractive basic things that lay the ground for all the subjective aspects. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a shut-in who always stays silent and only answers questions in as short as possible sentences.

| >>569376
I kind of disagree. While certain characteristics are more widely liked than others, I believe there will always be people who are attracted to certain less-popular characteristics, even though that aspect of someone isn't commonly found attractive.

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