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My mom caught me with a pee bottle

| I tried to convince her that it was lemon juice, but now not only she knew I pee in bottles, she also know that I can drink pee without flinching.

Kill me

| When fuck ans try to cover it up, resulting in an even bigger fuck up.

| Why do you care what your mom (or anyone) thinks?

Capcha: wanna horse anal

| >>568567 lol you're a damn horse fucker
Are you Elon Musk?
>>568482 say that you drank the pee to prove yourself to the mafia

| You can tell me that this is straight up taken from Watamote and I'll believe you.

| I don't see any problem with that...

| Make everybody drink it at the family dinner

| Jarate at its finest, you're officially an Aussie, mate

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This thread is permanently archived