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I don't want to have sex

| I want true love, feelings and emotions
I want someone who I can protect and that will protect me in return
Someone who will always be by my side but that will also make me a better version of myself
And someone that I will always be beside and help become a better version of herself
Mutual love, sharing secrets, being partners for life
A dream I doubt will ever come true

| What differs true love from fake love?

| that's pretty ghey

| Love comes first
Making love comes after

| Why don't you just do both? After all the lovelydu you just *bang* *bang* at night. yup yup, but if you don't want kids to continue your love party maybe put some magic on that sword of yours.

| >>567820 When you love someone you want to cuddle with them. then you want to kiss them. Then caress their privates. Then put yours in theirs or the opposite.
It all comes naturally when you love someone.

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This thread is permanently archived