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Alabama Hot Pocket

| Have you ever tried this? I found this disgusting.

| Is it about beating your wife or about having sex with relatives or animals? And what does this pocket thing mean?

| To quote from Urban Dictionary, "The word your friends told you to search up in class". Also something about using shit as lube.

Bugs Bunny made a mistake when he cut Florida and let it float away into the Atlantic. He forgot Alabama.

| This is not something people actually do, and those who do do it never called it an 'alabama hot pocket'. It's just something someone wrote on Urban Dictionary cause they were 12 and thought it was funny.

| What's that? An euphemism for incest?

| Does it burn the roof of your mouth like a son of a bitch, and has pepperoni flavor, among other things?

| >>567138 shit gurl, we got similar IDs :p

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This thread is permanently archived