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Can women like Nagatoro exist in real life?

| https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100115668/chapter/mrs-chapter-100123694

I want to meet a girl like this really badly.

| i want a girl to mentally obliterate me

| That was a fun read, I liked it... now I draw the line somewhere between teasing, maybe forceful teasing, and mentally obliterating. It would be super sweet if it works out in the end, but this is Japan, and she probably guts him and hangs his corpse up in front of the school with his dick stuffed in his mouth. Heeehhhhh, I'm just not going to read any more and pretend it happens like the former.

| I wish

| >>566352
I've read 31 of the available 36 chapters.
Nowhere has there been any sign of that.
Please don't get me worried too!

| >>566385 In the original doujins, 774 made Nagatoro into a near sociopathic sadist. She used Paisen as a sandbag, proceeding to physically abuse him until he faints, and straight up cucks him in his face for the lolz. The official manga is, and this is not an exaggeration, a hundred times more tame.

| >>566391

| >>566385 omfg, there's 36 chapters o_o... I'm not saying it happens, I don't know anything about it. I'd say, if you've gotten through 31 chapters, you've got a pretty good idea on what type it is. Also, so you're saying it's super comfy with psuedo-tsundere teasing and that hot little brown girl for 36 chapters 0_0... thank you Jesus for that one hentai artist, he must surely have been an angel brought to this earokay, I'm done.

| >>566391 eh, original? Maybe I should be aware lest I stumble upon the wrong one and start cursing>>bcd3f4 for eternity for lying to me!

| Also, not to lose track of this fascinating discussion, but OP was asking if there exist 3D girls like Nagatoro.

I would say "sort of". I dated a girl who was really into PDA of the lewd sort, and it was fun (and naturally easy) pretending to be super embarrassed. It's 2D, so of course it's fantasy, but I do think reality exists, with the (possibly most destressing) downside that it's almost certainly not going to be a little brown girl.

| >>566427

i'm HUGELY into SS Girls. the uniform is awesome, plus what it stands for. i like SS in general but i love girls wearing the whole regalia (cap, shirt, jacket, trousers, boots; etc)

| >>566434 that certainly does include a wide range of possible lewding haha.

Also, slightly confused how the SS girls are relevant?

| >>0b4673 Why do you talk like an actual uwuposter?

| That would be cringe
2D is only good inn2D

| My girlfriend was like that early on in our relationship, before we were dating she would purposely try to get me hard then laugh about it and called me a perv, she just didn't know how to interact with guys, we both were going to a small private school at the time so normal social interactions were limited, but yeah our relationship was like that for about 7 months until she kissed me, then she slowly became more affectionate and it started seeming like a normal relationship.

| >>566611 Wat?

>>567164 shoulda just whipped it out and said "what now, bitch?" That would have fucked her head up a bit :p

| >>0b4673 once I told her "you did this now get rid of it." She looked surprised then embarrassed then said "yeah you wish" and laughed that was a couple days before she kissed me and became officially a couple.

| >>567213 haha cute... also hot :)

| >>cb5f31
God damn. I hate being 22. I'll never be able to have a cute relationship like that.

| >>567310
This reminds me of this scene from Cat Planet Cuties.

| >>c9b1aa that's not true, there's still time for a more innocent relationship, you just need to find someone who isn't as exposed to adulthood.

| >>567311
I got into my first relationship at 23-24 and it was still pretty innocent. Don't lose hope gurl

| My bad >>567310

| c9b1aa here.


Don't apologize. I liked hearing your story. >>e28646 >>e28646 >>e28646 >>ea6d16

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