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you think we could have a g/u/rl hookup?

| i would fuck a g/u/rl if she lived near me tbh, but we're all anonymoose. actually i'm shy. hmm
-21 swiss M
>jews phd cheat

| Liar there are only girls on the internet

| >>566059
ay i'm up for that

| No no. M is for memelord.

| >>566155 hahaaaaha perfect :D

>>566057 you're in Der Schweiz? I'm a few hours... as the world turns... ahead (behind?) you.

| No because I'm a gross wrongbodied kind of g/u/rl who only feels comfortable dating a rightbodied kind of girl and we all know there are so few here... Much elss anybody who wants a shy squirmy mess like me to annoy them with sappiness.

| >>566421 kawaaaiiii

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This thread is permanently archived