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I just want to have sex.

| Help.

| Sure kid, we all want to go to California
I mean
We all wanna have sex

| >>565391 its inposible man, i know, i tryed

| >>565394
you should of tryed grammer

| >>565400 that's spelling

| >>565404
fucking the shut up

| me fail english? That's unpossible!

| >>565400 my english is so bad, becous im russian pig

| >>565409 <3 haha

>>565391 it's overrated, don't worry about it.

| >>565417 hello their, my russian pig. greeting from a chinese spy

| I'm a russian pig too. Oink, oink! Your English doesn't have to be bad.

| can yall shut the hell your mouth with da shit speling?

| We are we mean to the Russian guy?
There seems to be lots of Russians here on this site, lets be nice to them!

| I just needed advice lmao how did it turn into a conversation about spelling?

| Ara-ara~~~

| hi china! i'm communism!

| >>565985 hi communism, I'm freedom
And I've come to destroy you!

| >>566030 hi freedom, you look awfully like a certain america I know..... Oh wait, minus the slavery and school shooting tho

| >>566357 freedom here, dunno about slavery but school shootings are an unfortunate but legitimate manifestation of freedom
Guns are freedom, god bless America

| >>566359
Bigotry and Hypocrisy here, we're your closest relatives.

| >>566359 Hey freedom, Fast food here. can't forget about the classic obesity and freedom duo of america

| >>566448 Hey fast food, Africa here. Can I have some of ur obesity, please? Kinda hungry here

| >>566449 lol no, freedom says mcdonalds gets to keep the money so they can have the BIG PP ENERGY and control the government.

| Sex dont exist tf u mean

| Freedom and communism is interesting but what about sex?

| Just buy it if you can't find someone


| me too...

| >>567161
This feels something bed, like i admitted my helplessness if i do this

| Just help a gurl get laid

| >>3c4035 nah you're not helpless if you still had sex, it was your goal. Now if you want sex with meaning that's a little harder to obtain.

| It doesnt need a lot of meaning

| order a prostitute

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This thread is permanently archived