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What's your fetish ?

| how did you come to have it ?
why do you enjoy it ?

or if your vanilla that's cool too .

| I'm more for what fetish i don't have yet...

| Bondage, not BDSM, no torture, no pain, no dominance
only bondage

| >>565022 physical restraining for pleasure? Like to be tease-tortured? Maybe ropes? I guess that's called binding though.

>>565004 when does vanilla become a fetish? Because I'm so damn tired of every hentai and JAV eventually ending up with male dominant sex... Okay, not always, but wayyy to often.

| F U T A N A R I

| >>565047 binding? Guess I got a new search term for porn

| Gentle femdom and heavy latex bondage.
Cuddling and being bitten hard enough to leave marks.
Monogamous loving commitment with equal effort towards making the relationship beautiful and lasting and also ultimately belonging to that girl body and soul forever. And pegging.

| >>565060 <3 mah nigg... mah g/u/rl niggah.

>>565048 well, yes, there is that... it is glorious.

| Loli. IRL I'm not that picky with appearances and stuff, and I don't have a lot of strong preferences. When it comes to hentai though, I fucking love loli!

Can't really explain why, but it's just the best thing ever! I don't like the realistic shit though.

| Where are all the feet people? My God, if you watch cams you'd think it's the only thing anyone is into... aside from bobs and vegin of course...

| Angry burg

| Muscular women.

As for real life preferences, black hair, combined with some short hairstyles. Always had this idea of not following hair standars. Women with long hair look, in most cases, generic.


| im particularly vanilla except for the fact that i can only have feelings for very young females, and it kills me that because of this i will never experience the joys of love or romance and i just have to accept being a foreveralone with nothing to live for. thats my fetish i guess.

| Latex, i love rough sex but i dont like getting hurt

| alotta restraints

| I like monster futa cock with giant balls the size of two babies cumming into the urethra of another futa with even bigger monster cock. Bonus point if the sperms clash and fused into giant sperm, or if the receiving futa cums with the combined semen and explode into a fountain of cum. Nipple fuck is good too sometimes, or randomly lactating milk. Also stomach inflation.

| I have a fetish for people fucking/peeing/being naked in places where that would not normally happen, but still acting like it's normal. even better is when they don't even notice. there's not really a name for it, though, nor any quality porn.

| Feet, school uniforms, getting dommed. Preferably all of them at the same time.

| Legs, glasses, athletic girls, tan lines
Consensual sex in the missionary position while holding hands

| I'm into women who wants to have sex with me. As you can see this is probably the most obscure fetisch on this entire site.

| >>565227 mmmmm, tasty. The nipple fucking never made much sense to me, but I've seen some decent, and meh on lactation. The rest though, top shelf <3

| >>565343 like nudists?
>>565407 certainly the most far-fetched 0:)

| >>565437 nudism is close but has the wrong feeling to it. I don't think I could describe it.

| >>565451 and I guess it's not really exhibitionism then either? something like a cross between the two? Casual nonchalant exhibitionism? :)

| >>565478 yeah that's pretty close. the thing is that it has to feel normalized, and porn never really gets that feeling right. most of the time there's too much focus and coordination which makes it just like a normal sex act. other times especially with 'public' porn, it's kept too covert, like in the car or hidden behind a wall.
really extreme exhibitionism is what I mainly end up manhandling my man candle to but stuff like r/Nonchalant_Pee is what I'm really looking for.

| When a gurl is fucked but doesn't care and is all into her phone/ps

| I love:
Nudity, intense moaning, low voice, sweet/hearty sweat, roughness, scratching, pubic hair, serious but still loose behavior.
I don't like:
Clothing, silence, high voice, bitter/sour sweat, passivity, bald shaved, ridiculous looking sextoys, ridicolous acting.

I have a clear preference for tomboyish, wild women and manly men.
I'm turned down by super anoying "girlish" behaviour, insecurity, passivity, stupidity and weakness.

| >>684b68
What is "hearty sweat"?

| >>565516
It's kinda strong/salty:

| >>565516
Hearty sweat sounds like a food item from Breath of the Wild.

| >>565489 https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/flim13

>>565667 haha, umami... well that's also how I like my roast beef... coincidence?

>>565486 nonchalant pee... like if I'm checking out at the doctor's office and just whip it out and pee while discussing my next appointment and looking her in the eyes? Do I pee on the countertop and allow the puddle to spread?

| >>565694
You pee in her cup of coffee, and when you're done you start casually sipping it.

| >>565700 I'd rather she starts casually sipping it while I reach across the desk and slide my hand down inside her shirt to cup her boobs... meanwhile the janitor has begun to tongue my asshole... she beckons me close and we kiss as she passes a mouthful of piping hot piss to me. We pass it back and forth a bit until she lets her mouth open and it runs down her chin, neck, breastbones, and darkens her blouse. Another patient steps up, and starts kissing the janitor before slowly...

| >>53a037 here:
>>565694 looking her in the eyes would be caring too much

| >>565709
That does not sound casual nor nonchalant. It just sounds saddeningly pre-planned.

| >>565714 hm.. well I mean that we are discussing the next appointment, so naturally I would be doing that, not for the purpose of implied non-verbal sexual intimacy.

>>565717 aaaand cut!

| nonconsensual consent.

| loli, insect, insect girl(looking at you layers of white) and tentacles. yeah, i'm weird and thank you

| >>565991
You're welcome.

| futanari supremacy. on a political and social level. they just take over and do what they want with the world (a whole new Earth)

| S E X Y T H I G H B O N E S

| >>566060 space it

| >>565786 you sir are a genius.
solving rape since 1999
want no more rap ?
>then just consent

>>566050 then I need to be one too? even if I . don't have a dicc

| Pee desperation/omorashi

| >>566355 just grow one like in some hentai.
FUTANARI is great!! I'm a girl tho but scissoring is not enough

| >>566384 that's the worst kind of futa though... the magical extending clit... WHERE'S THE BALLS G/U/RL? You're gonna be shooting a big hot load of nothing. I mean, I guess if they had grown a prostate internally and it's not shown, you could account for much of the volume of semen, but it's never shown, so I'm guessing no. Plus, futa cum is mostly sperm as we've seen in lots of ball expansion stuff etc. The prostate is mostly there (real ones *do* have it) for receiving pleasure.

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