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Hanime vs. old hentai haven

| Bois I missed old hentai haven while it was around. ( Feelsbad) I was using hanime instead. Did I miss much ?

| Hanime is 100% better, but there's something nostalgic about Hentai Haven.

| Hentai Haven is my childhood. No sites can take that.

| HH didn't have a Yuri tag so you weren't missing anything good

| Nice try FBI no way i'm gonna say HH don't even have loli tag

| Persoanlly i choose hanime but old hentaihaven just has that feel to it, i switch between the two from time to time

| >>562673 HH is your childhood?

Wait.. That's illegal

| I haven't checked out new HH yet but is it really that bad?

| >>562797 what is life w/o lolis

| >>562797
It's not, but it doesn't have nearly the same number of hentai as Hanime and it doesn't have that much needed loli tag. It's also missing some other tags too, making it harder to browse for your preferences.

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This thread is permanently archived