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Ur high school crush

| What made you like them.
Did you confess
Was it stoopid.l

.diju fuc

| Nerd, loli, flat chest. Now current gf, in college, probs gonna get engaged in a year or so.

Ye we fuccd. Was good

| no. real sad g/u/rl hours

| Actually I'm in my highschool rn and now that I realised it, I never had a crush in my life.


| Had one loli-looking classmate on my mind, she was kind of rich and I was a bum with only 1 parent wearing the same shirt for 2-3 years so she never even looked towards me
She knew that i liked her btw and idk for sure but I felt like she with her friends were laughing at me behind my back :s

| >>562518 surprise kiss her dude. It's all or nothing. Since she already knows that you like her but ignored that fact, than push that affection in her face. Rape her or something idc. If she likes it then you're off to a good start but if she doesn't like it, then at least you gave a shot.

| >>562544 It was 3 years ago, man, I don't even like her anymore lol my tastes have changed

| My highschool crush had a bf so I didn't touch her first but then they kinda broke up and she started spending more time with me talking about all kinds of stuff. 2 months later I confessed to her but she said she's not ready for relationships. Then I learned that she was actually in love with her ex-bf's friend all the time. She had a shot with him long time ago but actually refused him and after that tried to get to be with him for several years while having a bf.

| >>562553 sounds like sum Spanish romance series plot summary

| I had a crush, one day her best friend came looking for me to say she liked me but my lack of self confidence made me lose the opportunity thinking it was just a prank
Maybe it was a prank, but maybe it wasn't and if that's the case I lost the only chance I had my whole life up to now.

| >>562562 Aww... Have a cookie.

| >>562562 NotLikeThis

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