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catgirl in heat

| despite her young age, my catgirl has gone into heat. shes flushed, and always seems to be in a state of discomfort. she has taken to rubbing up against the furniture, and especially on my bed. this goes on all day long.

i cant bear to see her in such a state... as her owner, what can i do to help relieve her in this time of need? they dont mention anything like this in any of the pet books.

| Take a pic so that maybe I can help analyze the problem. Naked pics are preferred tho.. I mean, we gotta examine her thoroughly right? Every nook and cranny.
>harem coke opera

| Uhhh... Does the ol' cotton bud/swab trick still work on catgirls, or just on girl cats?

| >>561443
interesting idea, go try it op

| >>561443
oh man, i thought i'd just give this qtip thing a try, you know?

i just made it worse...

it only teased her. her whimpering and rubbing got worse, and now she bolts if i walk into the room she's in. i think she's afraid i'll "tease" her with the qtips again... maybe it's my fault, i was trying to be really careful. i've never done this before and i didn't want to accidentally hurt her!

as her owner i want to care for her properly, but i'm at my wit's end!

| >>561427 it's super easy OP... she needs to be fixed. Call up the vet and schedule. Females are a little more expensive than makes for obvious reasons, but she will be much happier afterward, and no more awful crying and being annoying!

Spay and Neuter folks, Spay and Neuter

| >>561594 *males

| >>561594
explained this option to her. she barricaded herself in the bathroom. all attempts to coax her out have failed. will report back later with updates...

| She wants the D.

| she took the plate of food i left at the door. it was her favorite (tuna!) she's no longer barricaded but she really doesn't want to be near me after what i suggested to her.

spaying is a no-go!

| >>561618 >>561646 hmmm, welll There is one other option, but you're going to have to make a few "free to good home signs"... For her?! Oh, no! I mean for the dozens of Catlolii you'll have. The gestation period and for a month or so after will be completely free of "in heat"! It's not a permanent solution, and it involves some pretty squishy subjects you're going to have to talk to her about, but if it's *you* and not a Qtip I think she might be willing to listen...

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ok so at first she didn't want to sleep at the foot of the bed like she always does, but then in the middle of the night she crept in the room and...

so she was on the brink of tears and finally i laid her on the bed and...

she was really nervous at first but then i patted her head and she relaxed and braced herself for it.

anyway i think we learned how to handle this when it happens again. shes never cuddled me this tight before either! she looks so content.

| is it legal to marry your catgirl?

| >>561887 I believe she has to pass the independency tests first to prove that it's done with consent and not just because you're her owner and she does whatever you say. By your descriptions she sounds like a shy but a smart girl, she shouldn't have any problems with the tests. Good luck!

| >>561886 thats so sweet and cute. I hope you have a lot of happy warm days and cuddle whenever you want. I think you can. I'm secretly jealous :)

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thank you for your support! i'm looking forward to our new life together!

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I don't believe the test is required for it, but it's super rewarding to see your cat girl so happy after passing it.

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