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Got saved by my boner

| I had a weird sleep paralysis today. Although I call it "sleep paralysis" they really are lucid dreams where I'm confined to my bed and demons are roaming in my room. Today however, there weren't demons, and after a while, I start being able to float freely, although I can't interact with anything. I can pinch my cheek, and yes, it doesn't hurt and I don't wake up either. I got desperate after a while, so I floated out of my room.. (1/2)

| And then I found my cousin downstairs. Lewd thoughts filled my head. When I found out that she couldn't see me or even detect my presence, I immediately proceed to undress her. I got a really hard boner just from touching her clothes. Then, as I pulled her underwear, I wake up with the same boner with my body. That's all just thought it was weird and wanted to share the story with y'all.

| So, you got cockblocked.

| >>561313 I thought it was obvious from the title, but I didn't really want to fuck my cousin..

| You fucking cockblocked yourself in your dreams right when you were going to pull an Alabama move

| Not criticizing it's a damn fine situation

| >woke up with the same boner

*yawn* wake me up when you have a different bonner next time

| who let the g/u/ys out

| >>561317 why not? The idea of fucking your own cousin sounds hella hot, no?

| >>561474 I agree! What the hell is going on here? I never have dreams like that and I'm so jealous!

Also, next time there are demons, just imagine you want to fuck them too. Like, it takes all the scare out of it when you imagine they could be forced to pleasure you against their will. Please report back with the results.

| No problem, as long you keep this dream and reality separated - like most people have to.
In reality you should make sure:
- Your cousin is old enough
- she's not mentally disabled
- she wants it too
- use birth control
- abort if birth control failed

| Try saying that you got saved by priapism next. That would be even more funny.

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