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HH is back

| Thoughts?

| Mildly interesting, do they have a yuri/lesbian tag yet?

| Never used it

| The interface looks shit, i like the old user friendly interface, damn i miss the old HH

| Like it more than hanime but less than nhentai

| Hentais are for kids.

Lol I'm just kidding.

Get it? No? Fuck my life.

| >>560654

| >>560654 >>560288
No lolis no monies

| I'm calling it, as soon as this "test year" is over (and all the normie hentai watchers out there generated millions of Views, giving the signal that there's money to make) FackU is going to monetize the shit out of the Site.
I hope I'm wrong but we talk about doujin-backstabber and greedy Money milking mashinery #1 here, presumably giving out licences "for free" while still demanding a deadline to show how much HH is worth.

| I liked it more when it had the loli tag, but I'm still happy that it's up again.

| No loli no love.

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This thread is permanently archived