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Have you ever faked an orgasm?

| If so, I wonder if any of you could teach me how.

| Tip, don't fake it, help your partner by teaching them about your body so you too reach climax.

This seems like a good way to brew resentment over time in you against your partner, it might be nice to have them feel like they did a good job but eventually that'll go away and you're left with continuing to fake it, or admitting you were faking it just so they wouldn't feel bad

| >>560025 <-- unless
>>559983 why do you ask? Maybe you mean like on cam or as a voice actor? If not, what is the situation that wants for fake orgasms?

| >>560044
well to be honest, I can't reach an orgasm with a guy even though he's doing a really good job. However, when I'm doing it with my sex buddy (who is a girl by the way), I can orgasm pretty easily. So, the thing is the boy I'm doing it with is my current boyfriend so I don't want to hurt his feelings somehow. It's like I have feelings for him, but I can't get horny for him. I don't know, I'm kinda messed up.

| People lie.

| >>560071 are you sure you're not gay

Have you brought up the idea of a threesome

| >>560071 I know them feels. It sucks when you *want* it to happen, but the thinking or the feelings you're covering up by wanting are making it impossible. Don't fake orgasms, just don't do it. It's gross and if he knew he would probably agree. What's more, when you do that, you are making an invisible wall with your secret. Those have a way of coming back to bite you double hard. Be honest. Be honest with yourself, be honest with your boyfriend. Anything else causes real damage.

| -ingram

| >>560328 ??

| I can't fake it olif I never had sex

| >>560528 touché, but you *could* fake having had sex. Nobody but us g/u/rls would know :)

| >>560328
My fav character in the game by a long shot

| Fake an orgasm? Dont you just go like Ahhhh~♡

| >>560071
Wow it's same with my girlfriend. She does really good and I like her a lot, but it's like I don't feel it or something. When I'm alone it's fine though. Maybe it's the nerves or something?

| >>560972 do you focus on her and how she is feeling? I tend to not be able to focus on me and so having sex doesn't work very well. It's easier for me when it's just one person doing the other, oral etc. I don't really have an answer though, maybe sex therapy :)

| >>561000
Yeah, I try to treat her as much as possible, I feel a little guilty when she tries to do stuff for me. Nice knowing that other people have similar experiences though. Thanks

| >>561029 yea, I have yet to find a good explanation or way to overcome it, but as soon as anything thinky comes into play the whole sex business implodes, especially guilt or other feels that aren't appropriate for sex. I'm also single atm, so it's kind of hard to practice :p

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