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What makes you horny?

| A trap fapping the hell out of his small cock.

| Shibari on cute bois lol
That any to do with SM play for sure. Also (血) but that's a secret for my /g/URLs who read JPN sorry not sorry?

| Get molested by spoiler of a good movie alway make me so wet<3

| Lesbians, tights, maid outfits, art style

| NTR gets my pp up harder than the twin tower bombing

| nazi girls

| https://www.goldjunge-bäckerei.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/goldjunge-baeckerei-bamberger-hoernchen.png

| >>b03f3c Ah, I see you are a man of Kultur aswell!

| >>559761

| >>559761 croissants are French you twats :D

| >>559691 Blood? Incest?

| Closing my eyes and waking up

| >>559774
suce mon croissant

| Love
Lesbian femdom relationships
Maid outfits
Heavy latex/rubber bondage
Hand holding

| >>559775 blood but no on the incest...that's a little too kinky for me

| the wholesome cute yuri love
on top of being hot af this stuff usually raises a strange feeling whithin me that I am yet to understand
like a somewhat bittersweet nostalgia, it brings both pain and pleasure into my heart
maybe I am just lonely


| >>559807 Mom?!?

| >>559808 I was thinking blood relative or something implied... so just blood then... that's not kinky at all...

| >>559870 maybe you're into girls... like, did you ever kiss one? You wanna kiss me?

| god damn vampire twinks
also actual dogs with big dicks
a heaping helping of tentacles and egg laying too

| Futanari and traps with really feminine features

| >>560006 Lukako ftw

| Gay porn - girls ver.

| >>560072 or should I say futanari gay porn. OH MA FRICKIN GOD

| >>559961
Why would I be your mom?!
I'm thr one looking for a 'Mommy!'

| >>559774
It's not a croissant. It's a german puff pastry horn.

| >>560290 -_- not sure of full of shit or flakey goodness

>>560073 what what? Use your words...

| >>e843d4
haven't you heard of futanari? It's basically girls with dicks. So what I'm implying is a futanari making love to a futanari-

Where they will be stroking each other's dick... While... While...
licking each other's nippl-OHMAGODIMGONNAFUCKINGCUM

| >>560310 oohhh, you mean futa-on-futa, yeaaa g/u/rl, I know what that is... best place to find dick-in-dick urethral insertion, yup.

| >>560310 or this...


Especially this...

| >>560521 dick-in-dick urethral insertion?! Something like that exists?! Omg, I'm gonna be busy tonight XD.

Lol I can't view the image as I don't have a pixiv account.. Shucks hard.

| Dick in dick? That sounds incredibly painful

| >>560737 don't have a Pic account... m'kay... make one. It's worth it.

>>560746 thanks to the magic that is futa, their dicks are sexual organs on the inside too! Also ball expansion, you know, when one blows a massive load into the other's dick... it's wonderful stuff.

| >>560755 *Pixiv

| Having horns, maybe

| Lolis

| >>560755
need visual examples

| >>560953 see the link I posted earlier...>>560525

| Tentacles
Hand holding
Maid outfits
Oral & deepthroats
Rope bondage

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