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How to girl voice

| Traps pls teach me

| we're not traps aasbe

| Not a trap IRL, but I used to do shows back when I was in a drama club. I have a decent girl voice. Real voice is baritone.

What you'd want to do is:
1. Learn to alter your pitch. Feminine voice doesn't have to be high pitched, but it's definitely not resting at low, gutteral voice.
2. Change speech mannerism. I had to also speak in different accent sometimes.
3. Breathe! You need to learn breathing techniques to handle the voice.
4. Fake it till you make it.

| It also helps if you have proper knowledge in controlling your voice, like in singing for instance. If you can't sing, it's also fine as what you need is a way to control your voice and pitch it without cracking or sounding squeaky.

| >>558612 you could sing everything? Is that what you're saying? Please?

On another note (eh?...EH?), I'm assuming you're not talking about falsetto? I think that is the default to have higher pitch, but it's a dead giveaway.

| >>558909
Sadly not. I'm sure with more training someone could, but not me. I can use it for several lines of dialog, but that's about it.

And no, not falsetto. Falsetto has a weak, squeaky quality to it; unless what you're going for is a snotty five-year-old voice, it's definitely not falsetto. It's more like taking your voice several semitones higher, then sustaining it there. It's close to falsetto, but you have more control over it.

| This is where my second and third tip comes in. Pitch changing is easy(ish) but what you need is a way to make a convincing feminine voice. Everyone can tense their throat to make a falsetto, but it takes training to change how speak a single word to make it sound feminine at all.

Therefore 'fake it till you make it'. Listen to how girls speak, then apply it to your voice once you know where your pitch can stay.

| It should also be clear that you have to keep using the voice constantly (ot necessarily in public). If you lose grasp with how the voice is (like what I did), it'll be hard to start using it again.

| >>558958 interesting stuff to know. Makes sense about adjusting pitch within your real range (as opposed to falsetto) but I'm guessing much harder said than done, similarly for the girl speech mannerisms. Maybe try to emulate the voice of a certain person or character specifically (instead of broadly feminine). It might be easier when focusing on one specific practice. Listen to their speech and try to emulate it one word at a time.

| >>559059
My friend actually told me something similar before I trained. She said that I should try 'matching' said feminine voice to a character with a similar tone. It never worked out for me, but I guess it's a useful advise regardless.

The thing about emulating voices in general is that you will be sorely limited in regards to control. You know like when you're imitating a singer's voice, you might be able to only do it in their song?

| >>559064 well it would be practice none the less :)

I was more so thinking of trying to replicate the mannerisms and pronunciation that might differentiate a male from female voice regardless of pitch. Not sure if that's a real thing though.

| >>559177
It's probably not going to work, unless your voice is in the higher range by default. Don't trust this baritone to tell you that it won't work though, for all I know it's an effective method.

And yes, pronunciation does matter. You may not realise this but feminine voices speak certain word differently, and has a different intonation. In some language, this can be exaggerated to the point where it can differentiate masculine and feminine voice.

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