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| Tsumino is dead. It's barely getting new doujins and the ones that it does get are just some vanilla shit that was already on nhentai. Is there any new site that's good?

| Mangadex has 18+ content if you didn't know, might want to check it out (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

| >>558192 didn't you already mention the good one (nhentai)? Maybe I'm misunderstanding...

| try pururin

| Hitomi.la has lots but you gotta use an adblocker

| Exhenai is the only place to be.

| >>558370
Fuck exhentai and their stupid cache bullshit

| >>558445 sounds like someones salty

| >>558370 >>558445 can someone please explain to me, for the love of god, how exhentai works? I don't even need to go there, but it's irritating how it's like a super secret club and I'm just that sad panda guy.

| could just use pururin.io hentai.cafe (for F*KKu releases) and if all else fails just use Hitomi.la, I personally use alot of doujin sites so I need to constantly see whats new or not

| >>558513 yes this

| e-hentai is just as good as exhentai. Exhentai is for if your tastes are niche/weird/extreme.

| >>558603 Basically just loli though. You can find gore and vore, even snuff and stuff in E-hentai.

| >>558513 create a account on the e- forms, wait a week or two, go to ex make sure you don't have a cookie name "yey", ???, Profit

If that doesn't work (and you're logged in to e- for sure) play a bit of their game to earn some credit ive heard that helps

| >>558682 no loli hentai? Then it's USELESS!

| >>558513 >>558589
I just use a Sad Panda extension. It's on the official Webstore, not much of a secret. There's also a FireFox version. Still need an account so you need to wait a week, but you can still use e-hentai in the meantime. Once you got that then you can freely browse exhentai.
The extension just clears the cookies for you and keeps you logged in.

| >>558799 >>558830 lol, ok. So basically you carry your login from one site to the other? Interesting. Still don't get what the big deal is though. That extension sounds suspicious... I don't know if I want another browsing history data sucker.

>>558810 my nigga!

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