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Need gurl advice

| I never thought I would ever meet a girl so similar to me. She likes anime, she's Asian (I have a preference ok) she's a shy introvert like me, she has a speech impediment like I do, but she also avoids talking to people like I do and has few friends. The only things on her Facebook are family related and she doesn't have any social media. How do I talk to her?

| Notes are always a fun way to do that

| Just try to observe what exact kind of stuff she like,she might hate a lot of anime and only like an old one like me try to figure that out by using quick question and maybe just talk to her when you can but don't push it
>fake rant about stuff and then ask her opinion work for someone too

| >>557390 notes are romantic, but maybe a bit too passive? If she is anxious about it, maybe she just won't respond even if she wants to. Depends on situation I guess. If OP can find a way to get into conversation directly, shared interests etc, without immediately setting it up like a love interest, they would both feel more comfy and less worried.

>>557366 keep one thing in mind OP... she's *not* the only one. Take it easy, see what happens, just relax.

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This thread is permanently archived