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Would you still date a girl w/ dicc if it's small?

| Especially when it's not hard :(

Diccgirls should have small cute diccs but how small is okay without being uncool?

pls inform

| I'm not attracted to dicks so any dick is not acceptable

| Big or small I'd date that gurl

| Having a dick means he's not a girl so you're asking if I'd do something impossible, well even if it was possible I wouldn't because dicks are not something I enjoy

| >>557218 what are you even talking about, many girls have dics. Usually they are the best at cuddling too

| I would totes date a girl regardless of if you have a small dick or big!

| >>557260 is that true o_o... I have been needing some cuddles!

| If your taking estrogen OP ples give me some too

| >>557321
Uh, no way! I paid way too much for this stuff! Besides, it's imported so it's probably laced with rat poison and I'm dying even faster for all I know.

Also my boobs are still way too small >:( stupid fuckin... like oh sure they were sore for a while and they kinda grew a little but they need to HURRY UP

| Duhh you g/u/rl don't act like you don't like dick you all know that you like dick small or big i still love dick but i prefer a big fat cock tho<3

| Would not date a girl cuz I'm not a desperate lesbo.

| >>557344 take it easy, let your body do it's own thing. Tell it how proud of it you are and how nice it looks. Focus on caring for yourself and feeling confident and comfy with yourself.

| You people are delusional, estrogen doesn't turn you into a girl, thinking you're a girl doesn't make you a girl and being born with a d8ck means that you are either a guy or an hermaphrodite

| would she be OK with me being uncomfortable with her sexually or is it gonna give her some kind of complex?

| lol

| >>557475 true bro

| Of course I would. Always helps to match, yeah? Also OP where did u get that g/u/rl juice?? Can u share?

| Idk why ppl still think gender isn't fluid. They're just stubborn or stupid. Anyway you be the cutie you've always wanted to be and I'm sure you'll find someone who'll love you <3

| Well I would, being a bislut that's like the best of both worlds for me. Especially because I think girl parts are weird and kinda scary.

| >>557577 most people use sex and gender interchangeably, and the DSM doesn't distinguish between the two, not defending that other anon but I've literally never seen anyone explain the fluid gender thing in a way that's not just mood or personality

| >>557734 honestly that's one of the things I hate the most about these people, they just dodge questions and expect you to understand with vague and subjective terms
As far as I know gender is supposed to be a more polite way to talk about sexes and suddenly people are saying it's not and that their personality and feelings are of the opposite sex
Can someone give me a straight answer with no bullshit, please?
Also googling it leads to more subjective and vague answers

| Well, I like dicc, but I've never been with a girl before, but I'd probably try it out.

| >>557736 gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, the currently accepted treatment as listed in the DSM-5 is therapy and hrt & transition surgery, all this stuff about gender is irreverent as far as I see it

| As for the whole fluid gender thing it seems to spit in the face of trans people, like someone going through that is not valid because don't you know gender is just a social construct

That's my perception though

| >>557761 this is true, but I would like to explain the gender stuff surrounding it.

There’s no reason that a person with a dick can’t grow out their hair and wear dresses, or that a person with a vag can’t get their hair buzzed and wear khakis. The only reason we think it’s weird is because of made up rules about what is acceptable for “men” and “women.” Some people feel really uncomfortable with the stuff usually associated with their genitals, so they live as the other gender

| >>557784 it’s much more complicated than this, and there is a difference between a butch lesbian and a trans man (man born as a woman) but this is the 500 character version. Those of you asking in good faith why people transition, this is the simplest answer I have in 500 characters. Those of you who are just here to trash trans people and spread hate, go off I guess.

| >>557784 yes that's generally called gender dysphoria, butch lesbian are their gender but don't act feminine, a trans person has a disorder where their brain feels extremely bad when dressed or acting as their sex (in general)

The last line in that was referring to gender fluid, and the infinite genders thing as I alluded to in the following post

| build up your ass and thighs and we'll see
also send nudes

| >>557784 >>557785 >>557800 well said. I suppose the opposite would be binary gender (traditionally one's sex) and the implication is that everything must be divided b&w between male and female roles. Clothes, body shapes, jobs/work roles, personality traits, entertainment activities, talent, capability, freedom, power, god. Everything is either male or female, masculine or feminine, and if you have a penis you may only do/be masculine; a vagina may only do/be feminine.

| Honestly, I've no problem with traditional trans people, but gender fluid is total bullshit

| >>557784 >>557785 >>557800 >>557810
the thing that none of you twinklefags understand is that primally, females get pregnant. and when that happens they can't fight. so it's the male's job to defend that female to ensure offspring. as evolution wills it, males thus developed higher muscle mass, and females basically nothing except looking good (to attract mates) and making kids.
so if you delude yourself into thinking that you're another gender, that's just unnatural.

| >>557813
i'm sure you fags are all furiously typing away something to the tune of "IT'S 2019 BWAA" now. well, perhaps. i'm also saying that you're just admitting that this transfaggery is just an industrial-society fad, then, because in nature, where you have to fight to survive, things don't care about your feelings and there's no such thing as 'trans'.

if industrial society collapses and we go back to primal times, there will only be males and females, as there should be.

| >>557815
and this applies to you too. if you're near death at any instant and have to go through hell to make sure you live, you will throw away that 'trans' thing pretty quickly. you will either insure offspring for the group or protect those who do with your male, biologically muscle-enclined body.
those that don't die off.

so this is the natural order of things, and denying that is denying your very nature.

and that's called delusion.

| >>557816
of course, that's the fundamental blocks of what makes a human. you can add to that if you want, and develop things such as art and knowledge.
but this is the basics. anyone trying to fiddle with that is trying to take away the base blocks of a jenga tower, and when the whole thing collapses, you WILL have to build the thing up with the same blocks that you will have used before.
because that's biology.

| >>557817 >>557813 >>557815 >>557816 biology is sex... no problem, yes, male and female sex have different bodies with different physical traits, no one is suggesting that evolution doesn't favor one sex for hunting v gathering, child-bearing, etc etc. Assuming for just a brief second the world isn't ending, yes, it might, Oooo, scary, back to the way things "should be" lol, but right now we live in a world where biology is secondary to psychology.

| >>557825
and i'm saying that that is a world that is deluding itself.

| cont... Humans have defined themselves unquestionably as the dominant species, not because we are biggest, strongest, fastest, but because we are able to out-think anything else on the planet. You one-on-one v bear elephant lion shark = you 0 them 1. So humans are defined by being *more* than their biology, and human society is defined by being more than the biology and physical bodies that make it up. We are almost completely abstracted from biology, so those arguments are moot.

| >>557827
so you're saying if we had the brains of chipmunks we'd still be dominating the planet?
your argument is moot.

biology is an essential building block of human aptitude.

| >>557826 not deluding, just abstracting from. You are the one deluding yourself by thinking that physical biology is what makes you You... it's not. Your body isn't unique or special, it's just another animal body. We have all the same organs and cell structures, diseases, reproductive capabilities etc, with one exception, the brain, use it. You are an animal biologically, but you are a human mentally, and the ability to abstract, to imagine the unreal, is the key difference.

| >>557827
humans aren't beyond biology. they are biology plus something else.
it's funny that i was writing that females give birth and males protect them and you went and said that it was an invalid argument.

| >>557829
you can't abstract from it because it is essential in a human being.
and gender-specific hormones influence personality. we don't all have the same organs and reproductive capabilities etc, the two sexes are much different when you look at it.
also, humans are animals. what's the big difference?
why are we, as humans, so advanced?

| >>557830 no, the argument that male and female biological sex is definitive of gender norms is moot. What you said was a fact, what you implied was an argument, and what you implied was wrong.

>>557828 see above, yes, we have a physical organ that allows us to be more than animal, but why? Because it allows us to do and be things that *aren't strictly defined by the biological capabilities of one individual.

| >>557832
no, that argument is not moot.

and our brain is very advanced in itself, without even pedagogic intervention. it is an important biological factor that we couldn't do without. this is my argument that biology is a pillar of human existence.

| >>557831 everything we have done as humans is abstracted from our biology. We've made machines that enhance our strength, speed, range etc, we've made cities so vast that one human alone couldn't have done a fraction of it in their lifetime, and all the other animals on the planet combined couldn't even start, we've ammased scientific knowledge that allows us to touch other worlds and the tiniest sub-atomic particles. You think our muscles and bones had anything to do with that?

| >>557834
so you're saying our brains are there for show?

| you are trying to side-track me. "females get pregnant and males defend them, and our bodies developed around that through evolution."

| >>557833 humans are biological, not moot, never said. The brain is biological, need it, yup. Thinking is in the brain, uh huh. We are biological animals and confined within a physical body, definitely. We are *not* our body. Oh wait, wut?

| >>557836 I am trying to side-track you, that's the whole point. The idea of human beings defined **strictly** by the physiology of their body is what we're talking about. Sex, biology, evolution, all that is true and ok. Tell me how the fact that you have a penis or vagina has anything to do with Shakespeare or London or tacos or the hadron collider. Nothing, that's what. We've done all of this with our imagination and mental flexibility, abstracted from our animal body.

| >>557202 sorry OP, you probably should make another thread... I think this one has diverted :P

| >>557838
but imagination and flexibility originates from our brains, which is in the human body, may i remind you.
and it has diverted into the worst and most toxic form of internet content: a debate.

| >>557840 it originates in biology, yes, but it allows things that do not originate in biology for any other animal species. It is an abstraction, a thing that is partly based on the original thing, but not confined to or by it.

I'm not trying to be toxic, I get it, have I "beaten" you into agreeing? No, probably not, but maybe some people who aren't sure or are more open minded can follow the logic and be more sure. Y'all came out the gate with that toxic shit, so what it do?

| >>557847
so you are agreeing that biology is a pillar in human aptitude.
it's really nothing big that i'm saying, is it?

every time i see the new replies popup i sigh internally because i fucking hate toxic debates and i can't leave the shitstorm because that'd be giving up i just hate everything about arguments

| >>557851 I get you, it turns defensive/agressive and that's not the best environment for cooperation. Not sure if you are one of the above, not same ID, but yes, I agree biology is the basis for everything we are. We will always be biology until we figure out a way to put our minds on the net without bodies. In that case, minds on the net, what if a mind who previously inhabited a male or female body decided they wanted to act more feminine or masculine?

| Even if the brain was still required, like to support the mind, or the Matrix with the bodies in tubes. Would the former non-existent or non-engaged body be defining of the mind's gender identity? Should that mind be required to take on the sex they formerly had in the virtual net? The mind is not the body. It has, up until this point in history, been constrained to a physical body, but it's easy to imagine a mind existing without a body, so what should that mind's gender be?

| >>557810 I don't think that's an accurate way to look it at really, tomboys have existed forever and they're not "gender fluid" or anything like that, it seems a very specific definition that I don't think most people use

Also I'm just going to ignore this shitshow going on

| I want to put forth a definition of gender that will solve the confusion of infinite genders and also works correctly for most people, I'd like your thoughts

Gender is what sex people perceive you as being 3, Male, female, and androgynous(fairly rare)

Saying "Trans people want to be the other gender", works very well here since they want other people to perceive them that way

I believe it's also the same to how we actually use "gender" when calling someone he/she already

| >>557859 it's what people perceive you as, being sex with androgynous added*

| >>557859
but gender is biologically determined
>>557855 >>557856
nice, you're not toxic. people that debate me with salt and toxicity just make me cramp up and i just entrench myself in my positions more.
look i don't think that the mind is separate from the body in a human i believe they are intertwined. it's just like AI - it is a codified personality, but it's still 'just not alive' anyways. with the bodies we have now, we can't avoid our birth-determined gender.

| >>557862
the only way to truly replace or remove gender in a person is to mess with the fundamental biological building blocks, at which point, let me argue: will the result even be human?

to be honest it pains me to say that we haven't genetically engineered futanari yet...

| >>557863 genetic engineering is fairly new add unsafe, increases cancer risk and a bunch of other stuff, and your not wrong technically but you don't want a dude more jacked than you too have to use the same bathroom as your wife/daughter so effectively they are their preferred gender

| >>557898
what do you mean 'preferred gender', it's biological. not like they have any choice in that

| I just wanted to know if I still had a chance at a girlfriend :(

| >>557904
no you don't. now debate with us. fundamentalism or constructivism?

| >>557899 >>557862 I get it man you want to tell me your opinion but you're ignoring the rest of the post to tell me that.

your definition of gender and the term preferred gender aren't mutually exclusive

I'd also argue you and most other people don't actually use gender as purely biological unless you ask every person you meat their chromosomes first, gender in context of every day life is mostly dress and secondary sex characteristics

| >>557910
gender is a biological thing

| >>557911 read the post you replied to.

when you make that snap decision to say he or she do you ask their chromosomes first yes or no, that's gender used in every day context saying it's biological exclusively is cool in theory but doesn't hold up in practice

| >>557915 it's this same exact thing why the "my pronouns" people will never make much headway, no one wants to stop mid conversation to ask what their pronouns or what chromosomes someone has it's not needed your brain already decided what gender you think they are

| Also please expand on your idea/criticism repeating the same thing over and over is a bit mundane and boring ya know, let's have some fun try some new ideas

| No.

| >>557475 lmao which science is your degree in?

| wow this post is a fucking train wreck

| >>557907
Constructivism, now tell me how to make my girldicc cuter so if I get a girlfriend she'll think it's adorable and want to cuddle me lewdly.

Also, billionaires are an unethical class which should not be allowed to exist in a world where children starve to death or die of preventable disease. Hoarding potential power and refusing to use it for good is spitting in the face of collective humanity.

Seriously though I want to have the best girldicc possible somebody help out.

| Shave everything, then sleep with a jar of Vaseline strapped on with balls and dicc inside. You may have to eat some of the Vaseline first so everything fits...

| >>557918
gender is a biological thing. yes or no?
males are males and females are females and there's nothing beyond that.
that's the only way to work with people that think like that.
fuck off dirty constructivist

| It's quite simple dudes have dicks
Dudettes have pussies
But that shouldn't stop a dude from acting however he wants even if everyone thinks that behaviour is feminine and dudettes can also act however they want even if everyone thinks that behaviour is masculine
But dudes will still be dudes and dudettes will still be dudettes

| im still curious to know how small dicc gurl would feel if someone did date them but showed no interest in them sexually and did not find them physically attractive. would small dicc gurl be content with such an arrangement?

| >>558048 we're literally arguing definitions here if you fail to understand that I see gender as the actual useful concept your brain comes up with the moment you look at someone were just going to talk past each other, I can elaborate or explain why I use it that way if you ask but you'd have to stop repeating yourself

And "the only way to work with people like that" come now do you think that little of me? you're not giving me an argument just repeating the same phrase

| If your trying to ask if I'm a constructivist then ask away just be direct this song and dance is slow and boring

| would date a girl with a dick no matter the size. she gotta be cute tho

| Idunno, I find gender fluidity and gender in general pretty easy to understand and get a grasp on. Now sex, however, is the one thing that I just do not get...

| >>558083
PLEASE YES we need this perspective
gender is a biological thing. yes or no?
i'll keep going until you manage to answer a yes or no question. ganbatte, i know it's hard but you can do it.

| >>558348 sex is a biological thing, not "having sex", an organism's sex based on their genes (XX chromosome, XY chromosome, "intersex" like XXY etc). Sex is the word you're looking for. Gender includes everything else, social constructs, psychology, personal preference etc. A human who's sex is female based on XY chromosomes can describe their gender as cis/straight, bi, lesbian etc. It's really not that difficult.

| >>558356
you're confusing gender with identity/sexual attraction. sex=gender.

| >>558306
hah, nice pun

| >>558348 we're arguing definition, so the answer to your question is, it depends on the definition, repeating isn't going to determine what definition will be most interesting to this argument, you're just waiting time cosplay as a broken record

| >>558359 can confirm the dsm-5 does not treat sex and gender as different concepts

| >>558490 waisting time cosplaying as, Swype fucked up

| >>558490 I don't know about DSM, but Wikipedia is pretty clear about it...


They specify "biological sex" as what I was referring to as sex, and "gender" as the more broad social/cultural construct. I do agree that gender is often used as equivalent to biological sex, but when differentiating between the two concepts it should be understood as not equivalent to biological sex.

| >>558507 Wikipedia...
btw I'm not >>e22a2e and don't even have an opinion on this topic anymore, too confusing for me
Just pointing out that FUCKING WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE, come on! You can do better than that!

| >>558508 Jesus, calm down, since when is Wikipedia not a reliable source? Is there any reason to believe that what is on that page isn't true? Give me an example of when Wikipedia has been blatantly wrong about an entire article for any length of time (not just one fact here or there)... It is, without question, the single biggest collection of knowledge of its kind. The good:bad content ratio is probably 1000:1... I'd say it's pretty safe to jump on when I want to reply to d/u/...

| >>558490
there is no fucking difference in definition. answer my question yes or no.

i suggest you check in with a specialist if you are incapable of coming up with simple answers.

| >>558518
you can surely get a better argument than that. wikipedia is shite.

| >>558534 why don't you look it up and provide the reference material then? I'm not even sure what you're trying to prove at this point. There have been answers upon answers to your questions, but they aren't the answer you want so you just keep throwing it back out there like surely everyone agrees with me because it's so simple, but alas, it's not so simple.

To answer your question, no, gender!=sex

| >>558554 except you're deflecting the source issue probably because you couldn't find anything other than Wikipedia that agrees with you(except probably shady blogs by tumblr creeps) and the actual truth is gender = sex

| >>558508 so the dsm is what doctor's use to diagnose things like gender dysphoria, Wikipedia is edited by almost anyone, it's usually find for non-controversial things but political things like the whole "gender" thing are not really reliable

| >>558534 ok here's your answers



In most cases

| Again it depends on definition of the term but apparently you'd rather insult me than understand a topic as complex as "more than one idea" ;)

You've still not said what definition we should use for this discussion which is why I can't answer your question, but also of note you haven't answered my question ether which doesn't require a definition first

| >>558507 oh>>558600 was for you not the one I replied to

The dsm uses the term gender identity as something closer to that idea

Honestly it's a good idea since most people use gender and sex interchangeably so making those ideas separate would probably reduce confusion

| I've come to the conclusion that even as a diccgirl, a type not known for large diccs, my dicc is too small... especially when it's not hard, it's just too tiny and not cute like it should be, and even when it's hard, it's still shorter than average! But I also wish I didn't have it! But I also WANT it to be not-small, because then it would be worse when I need to do something with it!

It's a conundrum. But I'll persevere!~<3

| gender=sex

| I'm still disappointed no one even tried to understand >>557859 and only had the childish response of nuh uh, I want people to poke holes in that so I can make it better but instead I get this...

| types of people here: super straights and chasers.

also, dick doesn't make you less interesting in the eyes of someone who actually cares about you. if they don't like you because of it or just because of it you should find a different partner.


| >>558802
or perhaps they're not gay

| Girls with dick are girls send tweet.

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