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I just spent 8 hours roleplaying a video game characters first time having sex

| Pleez continu <3

| >And shit, she's not even online tonight anyway, I'M GETTING ANTSY BECAUSE WE WERE GOING TO MAKE THEM CUDDLE IN BED AND GO TO SLEEP)

| feelsweirdman

| >>557037 I'm not OP, see previous (closed) post with same title. I'm trying to bait/bribe/extort more of it from her (OP)...

| Yesss, we need more details uwu

| I need more fuel for my insatiable love of yuri

| I'm on my phone again but honestly there's not much more to post... Like sure our characters tenderly banged in the bath the next time but then she had to leave IRL before they could get to bed and do more cute lewd, she had to tap out so that scene didn't finish, then we tried starting another one a couple days later but she had to leave early in that one too, and now she hasn't gotten back to me in almost a week.

| Same with a different girl with the SAME character who also was being cute and adorable with mine and doing a flustered first kiss confession but then she also had to sleep and ALSO hasn't messaged me and wanted to continue for like about 6 days so far, so I'm just on a bad streak compared to my luck with getting to role play heartwarming emotional lewd as a coping mechanism before.

Kind of feeling as empty as I did before but NOW also just ashamed of myself, tbh

| Word to the wise: when you're a lonely g/u/rl who is desperate for emotional catharsis, do not turn to a medium in which you can be just as socially stunted/unlucky as you are IRL, it is not a good recipe

...I should have made my character different. Or a different character. But most of all, should have just stuck with reading niche F/F hurt/comfort and cuddling fan fiction instead.

| >>557106 wow... it's been a long journey. It's okay if you didn't do more lewd, you just left the possibility open :) Where did this take place btw, what service/game/?

I won't pretend to know what you're talking about with "emotional catharsis", but we could talk about it, maybe you will feel better.

| >>557265
Shameful as it is, it's through F-chat, since most of the other methods of RPing like Discord are kinda less easy to manipulate. Like, I'd have to make a bunch of different Discord accounts and manually log in and out and only be able to have one running at a time, not be able to change the name, have a profile... Even if the site was originally a furry haven, it's just simpler?

Maybe if I ask her directly again if she comes back online... I can bring it back to life.

| I'd post more soft gay stuff, but it would have to be pulled from a different character who's a trans girl lesbian instead of just some happy cis-on-cis girl action, and I know that would just catch flak from the pissy types.

| >>557270 F-chat is new to me.. sounds okay though, not furry exclusive. Maybe I check it out.

>>557273 g/u/rl, what pissy types? I dunno what trans girl lesbian means exactly, but I think you would have a lot more support here than haters, especially since you are sharing with us. I, for one, would love to read whatever you want to share :)

| >>557282
It just means girl w/ dick who is a lesbian, s'all it is. And yeah, F-chat has a lot of furry channels in it, but it's been populated by non-furries for all kinds of RP use, sexual or nonsexual, canon characters from franchises or original stuff... Features just make it better than trying to RP through Discord or GOD FORBID Twitter posts. I dunno how people can stand that.

| I used to RP on a website called Chatzy a few years ago, but nowadays a lot of the chatrooms are pretty much dead.

| [1 feels another embarrassing little moan about to escape once her sensitive head is brought to just lightly meet her partner's folds, going so far as to reach up to her mouth and gently bite down on one of her knuckles to hold it back. As she does so, her eyes happen to rest right on 2's lovestruck face in the midst of the last-second pause, before one swift movement sends the two into a harmony of surprised, aroused, enthralled noises signifying the loss of two virginities.]

| >>557339
Oh my god, I think I got invited to a room there once, but when I did it only took a couple hours before someone was roleplaying dolcett in there and UHHHHHHHH BIG NOPE SIS

| >>557352
Well damn, I guess the place really went downhill over the years lol. I made a few really good friends on there though, so I'm glad I went there.

| >>557350 <3

>>557352 >>557322 I'm learning so many new things haha

| Since I’m a shameless degenerate, I guess I’ll ask here. I’ve only done erp once and it was on a private post with characters I had from a Google + rp group that doesn’t exist anymore for obvious reasons.

I’m not very experienced with private RPs or looking for erp in general. How do you go about finding people for that? I’ve written all kinds of lewd stuff with actual story but I’d like to give that kind of rp another try.

| >>557771 welcome fellow /d/egenerate... see above where OP (not me, original post OP) has good things to say about F-Chat, and *not* good things to say about Discord, Twitter, and Chatzy :P

| I've already lost my edge -- I think I have to go become a nun or something now.

| One of the girls came back online~ We haven't done any scenes again yet but she said she'd like to! ...Still nothing from the other, or this one that promised me a 'spa day' with our characters going together and hers teaching mine all about mature feminine beauty~ ...So I really hope she comes back too!

| >>558176 sounds comfy, spa day :) What character(s) are involved, I forget if you actually specified before, except that we know dolcett is out.

| >>558272
B-but... I can't say what angsty weeaboo game franchise characters I'm playing! That would make it embarrassing!

| >>558400 or it would make it more hot if we knew who you were talking about :p How about the first two letters, or initials and we can try to guess.

| >>558400 you’re posting to a message board based on an app from a visual novel about broke chick getting 2D girls wasted. I don’t think you’ve got much to be worried about, but I understand the reluctance.

>captcha - hears yank city

| >>558516 shhhhh, he doesn't know, you'll scare him away :D

| >>558520

But FINE here's a different one, of an entirely separate series.
M grins as she drags the girl over to the couch. "Want something to eat?" Her words said one thing, but her voice said that R wouldn't be getting any actual food...
R stumbles a bit as she's hauled over. "Well, yeah, but I'm sure there's still something in the fridge!"
MZ laughed quietly as she slowly slid her pajama pants off. "Mhmm, I wasn't talking about that sort of breakfast..."

| "Wait, then what did you mean? If not yummy pancakes, then...?"
M rolled her eyes, reaching forward and grabbing R by the hair before slowly guiding her face down between her thighs. "For a girl that daydreams about girls so much, you sure don't know a lot about being gay..." She sighed softly as she leaned back, "You can eat me out for breakfast, R."
"I don't... know what you're talking about! I'm straight as an arrow, totally love those... hot hot... boys?"

| R finally gives an exasperated groan and whines, "Who am I kidding, I'm hopeless." The ((profession)) bites her lip and finally takes a look in front of her, at... her 'breakfast', and her face starts to flush.
M snickered and leaned back, sighing as she waited for R to start.
"If you want to have a boy over to pound you while you eat breakfast you're more than welcome to call one." She ran her fingers gently through R's hair, smiling down at the girl, "Or you can start now."

| R makes a pouty face, starting to complain, "Okay, okay, I don't like boys, alright? You caught me, good job...!" Gulping audibly, she follows up with a pathetic "J-just this once though, okay? And don't tell anybody!" She shuts her eyes and leans forward, until she finds her lips just above the far-more-confident girl's crotch, unintentionally planting a timid kiss there... Then, she blindly shifts down and starts to tentatively feel for M's folds with her tongue.

| THAT'S ALL YOU GET FOR NOW UNTIL YOU MAKE ME FEEL GOOD, OKAY!? I'm feeling really insecure and lonely right now.

| >>558642 awwww, it's great :) I love the imagination that goes into it. So the initials are M and R? I have no idea haha, I'm so bad with names, the only thing I came up with is Marcellene. Are they from the same world/game?

I'm sorry about the pronoun g/u/rl. It's an old habit, you know, from before the thing that happened where everything changed.

Why are you feeling insecure/lonely? We can talk about it. What's bothering you... yea, I mean YOU. What's going on in your life?

| I really like this thread, it's so sweet! How do you get into RP anyway? (From an interested /g/url)

| M laughed a little bit, running her hand over R's back gently, "I won't tell on you... but this also won't be the only time." She sighed softly as R found her folds, her hips sliding down and into the girl's mouth more fully. She lazily closed her eyes, letting her head fall back gently as her folds started to get more wet around R's tongue.

| R nearly gives a retort, but that's a little hard to vocalize when her tongue has just begun to gently explore M's pussy with a little more enthusiasm than the younger girl would've admitted to. She huffs, grumpily, but afterwards draws a breath and ends up taking in the intoxicating scent of the girl whose thighs she's found herself nestled between. Pulling back a second, she mumbles, "Just wanted breakfast.. geez," before moving up and searching out M's clit to gently tease it.

| M arched her hips up as R's tongue found her clit, letting out a loud moan as she felt that wet warmth slip up against her little button. She reached her right hand to the back of R's head, holding her in place as she started lightly humping the younger girl's face. M wasn't going hard on her... not yet at least, "isn't this just as nice as pancakes?"

| >>558897
They're from the same series. I don't tend to like crossovers, it means less chance of chemistry.

My loneliness is because A: I have no one to love me IRL, and B: because even in my vicarious affection-and-cuteness-seeking by means of RPing, it's actually been a little over a week now since the last time I got to have a cute private scene & two weeks for a couple people who vanished. All the other insecurities are many and too much for 500 character limits, though.

| RP wise though, I had an angst/comfort thing going in a public channel with another character and it was more of a long-term slow-progress alteration of the regular story of the game b/c of my character being a girl instead & all the ramifications that would have, but she's been gone a long time too so THAT'S out. Plus it kinda got ruined b/c some grammar-incompetent, can't-read-the-mood, likes-to-interject-and-throw-things-off character butted in during an emotional part. RIP.

| IRL wise the *state* of my life is that I'm getting old and an upcoming birthday taking me further through my mid-20's while I remain stagnant and talentless and demotivated due to depression. But I said I won't spam insecurities.

I hope that one lady comes online again sometime soon, I really wanted to do that 'spa day' scene because it would have been so cozy and adorable and maybe lead to kisses and gentle sensual-but-not-necessarily-fully-sexual massaging and mutual nudity.

| R gives a startled, muffled yelp of surprise, finding herself held in place as the other lewdly grinds against her face, leaving trails of her wetness all over. Once she gets a chance to breathe again, she licks her lips of M's juices and blows a tiny, rebellious raspberry. "Nuh-uh... even if there *is* a lot of syrup..." she mumbles, before nervously glancing over the door, making sure they're still alone before she returns dutifully to suckling on the older (job)'s nub.

| >>559109 >>559118 so M and R from the same series, one is an elder to the other, and they share a common profession. Someone else needs to figure it out, because I'm never going to haha.

| >>559113 >>559116 so mid 20s isn't old, of course, but I do understand if you feel depressed. What are you doing to get the depression under control?

You're wrong about having no one to love you IRL, but it will never happen if you are depressed and don't love yourself first of all.

There are many many resources out there, but you have to want it. You have your whole life ahead of you. Wait until you're at least 10 years older like me, thennn you can give up.

| I can only assume that you read (books)... I'm currently reading The New Codependency by Melody Beattie. Her books are great and in this one she spends a lot of time on feelings, most importantly guilt. I think you may feel a little or a lot of that from the way you describe your current state. The point is, live in the present, be here with yourself now, and discover what it is that's holding you back. Maybe you know. Probably you do, even if you aren't aware or are in denial...

| I need more cute and lewd RP... Why must I have no luck all the time? Why must then channels be dead, and no one interested in my character no matter how much time I put into my profile?

| Please pray for me, g/u/rls.

| >>559378 you're not OP? You could go hang out with OP...

| tfw I got reminded the reason most likely for why it all died down and people have been absent is because it's exam season and they're probably all in college or something and therefore younger than my ancient ass... meanwhile we're there RPing as anime video game high school seniors or something and its another layer of FEELING OLD

The linear passage of time is a curse and I propose we find a way to destroy or invert it.

| I accidentally fucked up my sleep schedule for the weekend even worse because this random (nerd girl character) wanted to sexually experiment with my (poorly veiled self insert iteration of a canon character) to overcome their mutual weaknesses at 4 in the morning and I was too shy to say no and we just kept going and I lost track of time
Why me, out of a bunch of (that character I messed up) did she pick me?? I'm not even a typefucker with notable speed or quality...

| >>559809 but what matters is: you had fun being someone else with another person who was also someone else, and in the end, what greater joy is there? Did it work out well for the two of you?

| >>559958
It was alright. Still a quiet rest of the day with none of the other previous people around. But it was cute even if I felt I wasn't keeping pace. Part of the issue was that I'm exclusively a bottom (lmao what a ffffuckin' surprise) but she wasn't a top and wanted to try anyway and I just went along with it, so it was the awkward gamble of two bottoms trying to keep things going in spite of not having that top energy to help drive it like I'm used to, RIP.

| >>560008 haha, I know that feeling... like from real life I mean. You could always resolve to become cuddle buddies instead, you know?

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