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Highschool crush op here, a lot has changed

| The relationship I have formed with my former crush hasn't exactly worked out. I believe it was built on the wrong things, rather than shared experiences it was just me pining after her. I feel as though I had once truly loved her that love is now hardly there, if anything is left at all. The only real time we spent together was when I was walking her to a college so she can study. Three days ago I had texted her asking if she really still wants to be in the relationship, I have

| yet to receive a response, from this I am led to believe she has similarly lost this love. I am giving her until next Wednesday to respond, if she doesn't I'll break it off. The most surreal aspect of this realization of a loss of love in the relationship is that I have realized that I care deeply for another, this person being one of if not the closest friend I've ever had. The two of us have shared things with each other that we wouldn't tell anyone else and last night I believe

| no- we were flirting, the two of us see this for what it is and we're going to stop talking for a little while, I'm not very sure what to make of the whole situation sans for that it will be changing quite a lot from here on out.

Thanks for reading my story, hopefully you g/u/rls can offer some advice or just discuss this, once again, thanks.

| wow, I think I missed some parts before this, but I was there in the very beginning... how does it make you feel to think about not talking to her or seeing her again? Is it that you have some incompatibility, or just don't feel anything toward her? Is the feeling mutual, and/or could it be that she was never into it? Feelings are basically autonomous: you're just along for the ride. So, while it may not have worked out, there may not be a clear answer as to why not.

| [OP] I feel bad for not talking to her, I'm not sure how to start up another conversation, but I did ask a friend and got some advice. The feelings I have toward her are becoming more of what one would feel for a friend rather than a significant other, I think it's that we didn't know each other too well prior to dating each other. I've got that frjend figuring out if the feeling is mutual now. The weirdest part is that I kind of hope she doesn't feel positively towards me because

| it would mean how I feel towards my friend would be less painful and it would make the breakup a lot easier, it would also mean that I wouldn't have to worry anymore about how she feels towards me which just didn't seem healthy

| >>556987 talk in person, no one wants to be broken up with over text

| >>557209 yea, text message is not viable way of doing important talks. It seems easier because it's more remote, but really it just makes everything more complicated because you have no feedback on the person's reaction, body language etc. I have gotten really worked up over feeling ignored when trying to talk about something important in chat and other person would have no idea, not on the same frequency at all...

| >>557052 first rule of not being codependent... listen to yourself. You are you, you are the only one who can do things for you. Don't worry about the feelings of someone else over your own. You can't control how he/she feels, but clear communication and being true to your own feels will be the best thing for both of you. It's too bad if it doesn't work out, but I'm glad you got to follow through on it and realize your dream, if only for a little while.

| [OP] Well g/u/rls, it happened, though not in person apparently the two of us were at a similar impass of wanting to be friends while being in a relationship with the other, she'd said that she one of those who want what they can't have and when they have it they don't really want it anymore, either way this worked out for the better and we'll see where things go from here

| I'm glad things ended up working out OP, even if it's not how you expected! I'm sure this has been a learning experience for everyone, and perhaps this just frees you up to find someone who will be your best friend for the rest of your life, and end up marrying. Thank you for the update! Often times I'll wonder whatever happened to x g/u/rl who posted y thread z months ago. It's always nice to hear back from them! I hope you're doing well OP!

| >>557376 now get her on danger/d/ since we're not talking about you<>her anymore haha, but yea, glad it went okay for you both.

>>557387 (s)he's already on to the next one lol :P>>556987 >>556988

| >>557425 ooof, sorry for the shit formatting

| >>557427
I accept the apology. That is quite the eyesore.

| [OP] Always nice to know that there's a community to talk to, updating you g/u/rls further today the super close friend/person I've flirted with has sat on my lap for a bit during lunch, probably a good sign. Anyways, I've got to play d&d later on today so I hope you all have a good time while I'm off killing things with eldritch blast

| >>557610 gracias, if only I could preview :)

| >>557644 last time a girl sat on my lap it cost $20 a song... well, she was a smoking hot Brazilian though, worth it just to get to touch

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