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i'm the sub with racial dynamics

| hi! i'm that sub with racial dynamics!
go ahead and throw your hatred and incomprehension at my face for my horrible crime of finding Aryans so insurmountably hot!

| Everybody talk about racial equality
But I'm the only honky living on an all black street
They knock me down 'cos they brown and I white
Like you wouldn't believe it
They say a Black Messiah is gonna set the world on fire
A Black Messiah is gonna come and rule the world

| >>556929
>captcha: aping war teri

| >>556940 it's the lyrics of a song

| >>556927 pics or it didn't happen

| >>556927
It's okay if you find another race to be hot, but the way you described it in the "avoiding hot people thread" is a bit..out there lol. I think that one anon had some "white guilt" going on 'cause she was thinking about the slavery stuff that happened in history.

But hey, everyone's got fetishes. Some stranger than others, but it's fine being a sub.

| >>556927
I do wanna ask though, when did you discover you had that kinda mindset?

| >>556927
I was excited to find an aryan who would find me attractive but then I realized you're just some untermensch who is atttacted to whiteys like literally any other non-white. Needless to say, you're not special.

| I just want anyone from any race to love me

| >>557082
I dunno gurl, op literally feels like she shouldn't even be in the same space around aryans, like they're some high class people lol.

| >>557054
around 4 years ago
i know anon, sorry!
i'm like a little minion/servant at this point

| >>556927 soooo, this is great, let's talk more about this, except for>>a1e336... we don't need more from you.

OP, where do you live (approx)? What are the racial dynamics of the culture you live in, grew up around etc, like what is the origin of these feelings for you? Do you talk with friends about it [their reaction]? Have you ever acted on it [how it was]?

| >>557084 start by loving yourself <3

| I've noticed a lot of people have preferences for Western features, which sucks as a Mexican that looks like an Asian guy.

| >>557367
Tbh, I'd probably find you attractive

| >>557367
I don't really see why. That's coming from a Scandinavian though.

| >>557288
OP here. am from a place in Europa which is sadly hell-bent on pushing for super-duper anti racism and ultra-inclusiveness. the kind of place where saying that Europeans are white can get you stared at sometimes.
i grew up in that environment and didn't like it. grass greener on other side i guess. i wanted to look up to the people that i've been told were not supposed to be looked up to. i want them to know i'm below them and that they should look at me as a pet.

| >>557288
had options to act up on it but was too scared. also many people wanted to throw sex in the bundle too but as i've said that's not something i believe in.
i've told nobody because they all bought the super-tolerance-cancer-message and i'm kinda scared.
i think the origin was when i one day looked in the mirror and realized that i'm not white. all my life i had thought that i was white, coming from a 'white' country and all.
at that time i was in a Nordic country w/ Aryans

| >>557705
i know i would have liked to be white.
so i ended up getting a depression over it, and when i was out of it, i decided to accept my place in self-sacrifice.
i think it's the only way i can cope i guess
plus who wouldn't want to have an Aryan master? they have such nobility and elegance. just look at them when they walk. it's just really the best choice for a master/mistress out there. you're not gonna call a black dude "master"...?

white guilt is one creepy fucking thing

| >>557367 where I come from people are attracted to asians(especially to Japanese and Koreans) myself included
They also have a thing for natural gingers, myself not included, hate red haired girls

| >>557707
That's, well, interesting.

| >>557797
weird? strange? not what you expected?

| I don't get it, being white is overrated, media tells you you're a privileged evil, you can't enter black only places but you can't make whit only places because it's "racist"
You keep being told the things your ancestors did are ypur fault somehow, you don't get in diversity quotas to get a job easier
Well being white is still better than being mixed race, if you're mixed you're too white forml minorities and not white enough for the whites

| >>557701 >>557705 fascinating, thanks. I'm from US, and I think the attitude here is very different for many reasons (slavery/white guilt). Europe has much more racial integration than US today without a doubt (with the exception of this recent EU migrant crisis business, but US has managed to out-cunt even that). I imagine Nordic countries even more so. I'm not really sure there is a strong concept of white guilt in EU generally (or correct me). That leads to my next question...

| I'm confused about the non-sexual aspect... you said you don't believe in it? I think people assumed this was a sexual fetish, but you're saying it more like a life goal? Why do you not think it's sexual?

I mentioned before about friends/social group... how do things play out in those around you of various races? What if you met a white g/u/rl who thought you were amazing and tried to be sub to you. Would you dislike her? Try to prove her wrong?

Semi-invasive, your age/education?

| >>557811
that's only in the USA, aka dystopian hellhole gurl!
yes, and as i said, the USA often doesn't understand why we're ALL so cranked up about the rapefugee business.
also, you're right about the Nordic countries, but please keep that a secret.

| >>557822
it's not sexual because i believe that having sex with Aryans would be sullying them. thus i tinkered with my psyche to make me go from aroused at the idea of sex with an Aryan to aroused to the idea of submitting to one.
it somewhat is a life goal. when i think about it, i feel "this is where i should/want to be".
i consider those of my genetic makeup to be at my level. i treat them like i would treat fellow pets, decently.

| >>557822
if i met a loving white sub... i wouldn't feel right about it. this is a sad part of my life i don't like to think about, but i've rejected people because of this, breaking some hearts. i feel that if we were to be together, there would still be that gap between us, and i don't want a gap between me and the one i love.
i guess i would tell her outright, and try to explain my views. PERHAPS try to lightly convince her in a few sentences. i tend to not impose my views.

| >>557822
young age, decent education... although i got further than the class on my own. classes never really did the trick for me.

| >>557893
by young age i mean young adult, somewhat old teen.

| >>557805
Not necessarily weird or strange. Just fascinating.

I've never really heard of something like this before. Of course, wanting to be sub isn't unusual, but what OP is describing is not the usual sub/dom dynamic most subs look for.

This is very different from the usual stuff, and, well, interesting.

| >>558069
i'll be around for more questions then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWD7iqtOJSE&t=43

| >>557891 this... tinkering with your psyche... sounds like bullshit. It's a sexual fetish (aroused) but without sex. Why not just have it be a fetish and live the rest of your life uncomplicated by that? There is no reason to extend that to be your entire identity. I think you're smart enough to handle that, actually I think you're very smart, but too young. Whatever it is that is driving you to cover the rest of your self with this specific identity will still be there...

| >>558133
and who the fuck are you to tell me who to be and how i work inside? isn't this a condescending perspective?

| >>558152 I'm saying that's what it sounds like, not trying to be condescending, by I don't understand it. Why put all that mental effort into turning a fetish into an all-encompassing life goal. What is the point? If you didn't already believe it, then what was the motivation to take it this far? If you were a slave and mentally/physically tortured until you accepted your master is god, okay, but you're not. You have just as much potential as the next person, probably more.

| >>558271
I recommend reading everything OP has said. You seem to have skipped a lot and made assumptions based on only a few parts.

| >>558271
because i felt like it.

| >>558345 that's not very convincing :p It's okay, sorry, I'm not trying to beat you up, just to understand and to challenge you to think about it in different ways. I hope I didn't go too far with it. You've been very accommodating and I appreciate it.

| >>558352
strange, i'm so used to fighting everybody (especially online) that i'm supposed to welcome this stance, but i just meet it with confused suspicion

| >>558367
Not everyone on the internet wants to start a fight, your replies sounded a bit hostile, but I get it.

| >>558367 >>558424 it's hard to be clear and make extra sure, especially with character limit... that kills me. OP is approx 6 hr time difference too, so there is no chance to do quick back and forth.

>>558367 I am definitely trying to push some things, but not because I'm going to tell you how to live your life. I will challenge you on it though. Either you're sure and you can answer without difficulty, or you're not as sure as you thought and then you have something to work on...

| Is being a sub the same as being an M?

| >>558512
Sub = Submissive

The opposite of dominant. In a sexual relationship, if someone is submissive they're kind of the one bring roughed with and used however the dominant wants it. Like being tied up and shit. Of course that's a bit of an extreme example, but you get what I'm saying.

In OP's case it seems like he means submissive in more of a slave kind of way. Not just following the others lead sexually but literally doing whatever they say like a slave and get off from it.

| >>558529 oh so it's not quite the same but pretty close, M is masochist

| >>558510
i am >>556940 >>557118 >>557701 >>557705 >>557707 >>557805 >>557890 >>557891 >>557892 >>557893 >>557894 >>558087 >>558152 >>558345 >>558367 and>>556927

i like the questions, keep'em up
i have been sometimes afraid that it's all a big delusion and "not the real me", but then i realized that the real me is whatever i want it to be.
and sometimes i see Aryans walking around and i want to walk with them, only about a meter lower than them though~

| it's instinctive at this point. too late, i love you too much. so yeah, when i see one i just look down and want them to make me wear something around my neck.
i have never liked freedom (i regard it as abandonment) which caused me much distress in life. a lack of freedom sounds like safety, stability to me.
and i've always liked white people, then few years back i've started loving the heck outta Aryans.

consequently, i've been salty against immigration and some leftist policies.

| >>558540
so yeah i am some kinda weird pet. "they're going against my master's wishes!" has somehow extended to politics, even tho i really hate politics.
when are you gonna take control... i want a white hand on my head and a black collar round my neck.

| >>558538 thanks for the recap :) You change ID so much. You're also>>351e63 right? One thing to consider is the use of the term Aryans... it has really negative connotations like Nazis and White Power rednecks. I think that may be getting you a bad reaction (if it's not what you mean).

I understand what you're saying about freedom and abandonment. And I agree, you can be who you want. Why do you feel unsafe when you have freedom though?

>>558543 that last bit was kinda hot haha

| >>558905
Not OP, but I'm pretty sure Aryans is the right term though. Blond hair, blue eyes, white skin. I agree that it sounds kind of bad due to it's Nazi background but it is technically correct.

I agree with you about that last part being hot though.

| >>558905
oh yeah that ID is me too... i change ID a lot because i'm sneeki breeki.
i feel like when i talk about Aryans i am rehabilitating the term, to me it describes people that are genetically 100% white. i like the idea of purity behind it. perhaps i actually have Nordic genes in mind?
i don't like white power rednecks and the NSDAP caused enough harm as it is... but i have my beliefs. a Serbian nationalist wouldn't praise gavrilo princip either, understand?

| >>558905
when i have freedom i don't know what to do with it. i feel safe in restraints because i don't have to worry about getting lost. the kind of freedom i have is kinda fake anyways... when there are too many options and opportunities i just cramp up.
so if i don't know what to do with my life i'm sure someone else would put it to good 'use'.
i suppose it's my place in this world, and if i grow out of it, oh well.
you should get yourselves a slave. you will learn many things.

| >>559018 I already have 3 cats, I don't need another freeloader haha.

>>558990 >>559016 wouldn't the term Caucasian be equivalent? Do they have to be perfect Hitler babies, or is it ok if they have brown hair or brown eyes... like me... asking for a friend...

>>559018 so your solution to existencial angst is to completely alleviate yourself of freedom. Well, as Rush says, even if you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice.

| >>559018 what use do you envision yourself being? What if no one actually wants to have you as their pet? What other things do you enjoy in life, or could you see yourself doing if the pet thing doesn't work out?

| >>559188
any white person is acceptable, it's just that Aryans are top notch
you see it just feels better to give something like this up. it just felt poisonous and mind-clogging to me.
some insignificant person once said that to handle this dread, you either go insane or start believing in god.
the reason as to why that's my stance is because i don't have much for myself already. so it's a cause.
i suppose that if nobody wants me, i'll just remain bitter and unfulfilled.

| so yeah i want to sleep curled in a ball at master's feet

| I want to kick life in the balls and say I'm the protagonist of this tragicomedy whil watching the world burn from a safe distance

| >>559211

| >>559198 how do you mean "don't have much for myself"? What do you do for fun?

| >>559211
That sounds kind of annoying.

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