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Any h-game i should play?

| I do play a lot of h-game for somewhat long now(mostly rpgm,alice soft,illusion,bishoujo mangekyou etc etc) but i am pretty sure there are a lot of other gem i haven't found yet so i wanna ask you g/u/rl of something good no matter how old is fine(i play rance1 before)
>preferable for it to be able to run on 64bit tho
>vn is fine but my hand is full on frontwing games rn
>if it's concider kamigame at time then pls do tell me

| Also i can't read jpn

| The heiress

| I quite enjoyed Slave's Sword 1 & 2 but they're pretty rapey.
Still surprisingly decent for hgames.

Also Custom Maid 3D 2 if you don't know it already.

| replay violated heroine

| >>556330 <- this, Legend of Queen Opala, and anything https://www.fenoxo.com

| Starless! :D
Everyone should play Starless!

| Hunk's Workshop.

| >>556694
Well that link has officially ruined my life, I cant stop playing it

| >>557029 <3 I knew someone would appreciate it! I wore out my first three dicks on that game (CoC)... and it's massive, like hours and hours of non-stop fap material of the highest caliber. I haven't gotten into TiTs yet, and I saw they are making CoC2!!

| >>556694
Gawd that art is shit

| >>556694
Gawd that art is shit

| >>557485 on fenoxo? Well, it *is* a text game. First CoC only has little sprites, no CGI,bso you have to use your ***imaaaginaation***

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