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Have you ever avoided someone specifically because you thought they were hot?

| I barely talk to this one guy outside of a common activity we do because half of the things I want to say to him are borderline sexual harassment and I don't wanna get kicked out of the thing we do RIP

| Ahh yes he so hot i can't control myself to speak with him normally so i just grab his ass every time when no one watching

| How'd he react?

| >>74264

| >>db5497

By the way, captcha is gyro jinny dad lol

| My natural reaction with a hot person is to gawk at them and avoid contact because I'm sensitive to rejection.

| Yep, people that are too pretty are always bad news

| >>555795

| white people are often so supremely attractive that i just stare at them sometimes like they're elves and i'm a dirty gnome. i don't chat Aryans up because the only relation i could believe in between us is where they're masters and i'm the slave-so i don't deserve to talk to them.

| >>556041 yeah yeah because all whites are beautiful nobles full of money boo hoo

| >>556044
that's how i see them.

| >>556041
Oh no
There's so much wrong with this post I don't know where to begin.

Umm ok so as a white person, please don't ever say this to someone, it's really creepy and it's triggering all my white guilt righy now.

| >>556041
It's definitely not healthy to see white people in that way. The past is the past, but white people are NOT high-class noblemen or whatever. They're just people, like you and me. Sure, some might be very wealthy, but that doesn't mean you should be kissing their feet.

| >>556127
i know it's creepy. but why tf are you feeling guilt? that's weirder in my opinion
i think i should be kissing their feet

| Alright this thread is a mess

| >>556204 white guilt, kind of an American thing with the whole slavery, ya know

Side note, maybe tone it down and try and date one, you sound like a sub and might have a lot of fun if you can find a dom who fits your taste

| Or it'll ruin the "magic" which is arguably a good thing still

| >>556340
oh i'm a total sub with racial dynamics. but he/she'll need to believe the same thing though. big problem too is i don't really believe i have the right to look a master in the eyes or even touch them, especially not fuck them. do you understand the frustration i'm in?
white people are like angels; i can love them but not touch them. sounds creepy, but not as creepy as the "white guilt" thing.

| >>556209
kek, put me in a slave collar you beautiful Aryans!

| shit's getting weirder and weirder

| >>556440
for you

| Can we get back om topic?

| I don't have to avoid hot people, they already avoid me

| >>556427
You should make a thread about this so people can discuss lol

| That's basically why I don't talk to everyone...

Because is hotter/better looking then me

| *Because everyone

| >>556601

| Oh hai Mark... what'd I miss? ... 0_0 ... why did I not click this before :D Sorry OP, I'm jumping to other thread :P

| yup

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