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Apparently Japan isn't that interested in hentai

| Heck some of them don't even know what it is, the word "hentai" just means pervert in Japanese.

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| What theu have giant doujin conventions only for adult stuff!
Maybe they just don't use the term hentai for any anime + manga porn like the rest of the world does

| They call it nukige, ecchina manga, CGAV and stuff I'd imagine.

| I think its just a part of the social fabric there, so its not anything special to them.

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It's a very small sample size, but just seeing the reactions of the few people he interviewed was extremely surprising for me.

| Yeah, I think they just don't use the term hentai for that stuff like in the West. At least, I've heard that many times.
But yeah, I imagine it's mostly the otakus in Japan that are into hentai and okatus themselves are already a subculture in Japan so it makes sense that there's a larger portion of the population that isn't into hentai. Also I don't mean the hardcore nerds, so even of the people that like anime there would be a subset that also enjoys hentai.

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There are doujin conventions, but I don't think there are any hentai specific conventions. At least, I've never heard of one. The conventions are a good example though. In those anime conventions there are panels for hentai so you can see that it's just a subset of the convention.

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Given that there's thigns like Futaket, I'd say there ARE hentai-specific cons, just not as big as the other cons.

| can confirm, "hentai" isnt a word they really use for it, for some reason the west adopted it, no idea what the correct word is though

| >>551828 I've heard 'h-doujinshi' and 'eroge' for erotic doujins and games

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