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Any good hentai games on steam?

| I have some credit on steam and want to get a hentai game
Are there any good ones on steam?

| You put your money on the wrong place. Learn the lesson and next time put the money in mangagamer

| I didn't put any money, I sold items from games I have
Well, I guess I put on the money on the games those items came from...

| Slave's Sword 1&2 are fun and somewhat decent games on their own... But with any ero game on steam you're gonna wanna download the uncensored patches.

| >>549123 some of the newer ones are already uncensored since steam allows porn now

| >>549190 if it is uncensored, then they have to region lock it and make it unavailable in Japan and some other countries. That's why most release went with censored and linking the patch.

Anyways, I am seconding >>7aab83 slave sword 1&2 are good since the scenes are voiced. The problems is that earning money via h activities are inferior to the traditional random encounter. Plus, most h scenes only appear if you lose battles.

| Other suggestion:

-Sister travel
Quite okay battle system, lots of characters to play with (for h games standard). H content wise, it reminds me of rance; the main guy is kinda rapey. Maybe don't touch it if you don't like rape, incest, and loli.

-Kunoichi Botan
Really like the artsyle. I am not a fan of big boobs, but the artist made it acceptable. H scenes are semi voiced (just moans, no dialog). Main girl has cusomizable clothes. There is stealth option.

| Kunoichi bottan addition: Other than stealth mechanics, it has several other minigames that are separate from the battle system. For example, there is a minigame if you get captured by enemies, there is also one when you have to escape being trapped.

| >>549219
>The problems is that earning money via...
Normally when I play H-games, I just use cheats/plugins to hack in money or exp cause I'm not playing it for the gameplay ya know.

| >>549226 then what's stoping you from donwloading 100% safe file and just look at the cg/ h scenes?

| There are alot of adult visual novels in steam
If you have some patienc and go throught the story you could see some of the h scene
Or just go to any website that show these kind of scene insted the whole game.
To be fair is not that worth it because you are only gonna play it on one run then abonded it so
I am suggesting something else

| >>549249
Story elements and context that's lost if you just view the CG room. After one playthrough, I normally use a 100% save though if it feels like a second run through doesn't add much story.

| Huniepop and Mirror are pretty good.

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