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Dystopian Doujin?

| Have you guys ever found porns setting in dystopia and use it as plot? Like, a story about the far future where all women are enslaved to become sex slave of a futanari demon lady?

It's ridiculous I know, but I think it's quite ingenious.

| See the hard part is finding a doujin with any world building to start with

| >>085cb0 yea, I think asking for a doujin set in the future is asking a bit much from what is just porn. But you could look for parody doujins of existing cyberpunk anime tho. Ive never tried looking for then tho

| I thinknI found something like that on a human cattle tag. They usually enslaved all female on Earth and make them animals or something like that. Not that I prefer but you might be interested.

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This thread is permanently archived