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Mommy Kink > Daddy Kink

| Why the fuck would anyone want a stink ass 'daddy' when you could have a sweet loving pseudo-mother to hold you close and stroke your hair and tell you she cares

Haha... Ha... God I need a Mommy so bad.

| I wish Rias Gremory was my mom

| Camilla would be a great mommy..

Where are all the mommies at? :(

| An unfetishized partner that's your age
>>>>>>>>>>>> fetishization of your own parents

| >>548325 mega false

| >>548325
Fetishizing your OWN parents (eew) is not the same as having a fetish for a partner of or slightly abivr your own age who adheres, whether within role play or otherwise depending on set boundaries, to motherly speech patterns, behaviors, and roles in the relationship.


| >>548325

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This thread is permanently archived