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Idea: fuck machine that matches your breathing

| Does this exist and if not who wants to build one

| But fuck machines don't breathe..?

| >>547954 try trusts in time with your breathing, could also be based on heart rate, the closer you get the faster to goes automatically

| Ooof, sounds nice.

| How should this work? The user may need to put something in his/her mouth while getting thrusted. Imagine how disgusting this would be...

| >>548038
Make it cock shaped. Bam! Now it's a second upgrade to the machine.

| this is a great idea

>>548038 just wear one of those stretchy variable resistors around your ribcage

what if you breath too slowly to begin with? it might not be stimulating enough to enter the positive feedback loop.

>kits dhaka mown

| >>548106
Do a multiplier/sensitivity option? Hell, have an adjustable setting for those of us that with slow breaths.

I'm all in for an analog option.

| >>548106 What if the deeper you breathe, the deeper it goes.

| Counterpoint, you usually don't want to cum right after you breath get faster so a machine that does that might be a little underwhelming

| Don't know about ladies, but man usually holds his breath, when orgasm is coming

| >>548051
Anyone knows that southpark episode where Mr Garrison invents this bike with anal and oral plugs?

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This thread is permanently archived