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Things to do to feel feminine?

| Answers could be lewd or not, what are some things a trans girl could do, either during the day or even while being lewd, to feel more feminine and lessen dysphoria?

| Feminity means nothing, so if you can't find yourself what it means for you, then I don't see how you could have dysphoria at all

| Are you really what you think you are, or just someone bandwagoning in the latest fad?

| >>547759 I really am, and honestly it gets exhausting explaining and defending myself all the time lol... just know that I'm not a fake or a trender or anything, i just want some ways to relieve dysphoria ^^

| Just relax. Be closer to people who like you and understand you, stay away from people whom you have to keep defending yourself from.

| >>547784 not gonna lie this is a pretty bad place to ask that stuff people love to argue about it, not really sure though, maybe look for a cute outfit to wear around the house if your not already open about it, friend of mine bought a maid outfit and a bunch of other cosplay stuff, don't think they wore it out for at least a year but it's something to start?

| >>547737
Try dancing to k-pop.

Any physical activity will help you and dancing is the only one i can think og that has a predominant female audience for specific styles
K-pop dancing can be very feminine and sexy so you might like it

Just look it on youtube

| Get sad and eat a lot of cookies like me.. Girls like sweet things, so it's scientifically sound

| How about feminine hygene products that are really just artificially fragranced water

| When it comes to masturbation and dysphoria, I like to think back to this article/diagram:

Since I don't get erections anymore, using a vibe wand is easier nowadays too. (3 years hrt here)

| The problem here is that whatever anyone recommends is technically sexist, only you can tell what you think is feminine and even then it only applies to you
A woman saying what is feminine is just as much sexist as what a man says is sexist, we're just setting roles to what we expect women should do
That said make me a sandwich nothing is more feminine than bowing to your master
Or fight the patriarchy and do nothing that society expects from you not even the things you want to do

| get a boyfriend or orbiters online.maybe if they call you cute and stuff you will feel like a girl.

| >>547737
Shave your legs, wear thigh highs and skirts.
Practice your makeup routine.

| >>547859 you're not helping and this logic is stupid, masculine and feminine are very obvious and widely understood words you're not writing a dictionary and don't get to just change the meanings

| >>547923 I think you mean programming socks

| >>547859
If a wild girl appeared and said "hi Im a girl" and we answered by saying "oh so you like romance and makeup and stuff" that is sexist because we're are treating her as statistical data and not as an individual
We are judging without knowing her
But OP basically asked for data
OP wants to feel like the female gender and for that we need to look at things that are mostly liked by that gender
You'll be sexist if you say something that you don't know it's true (even if it is)

| >>547945 it's almost like everyone is an individual

| hit that skrt and dab like wiz khalifa. haters will say this is wrong

jokes aside, anything i say would probably end up being viewed as sexist, and in all honesty, that wouldnt be wrong because your standards of feminity would in all probability be different than mine. so i think the only right answer here is just to do "what you think is feminine"

im sorry i couldnt be more helpful but sometime it just be like that

| Cover your safehand, eat only sweet foods and practice the feminine arts of scholarship, arts and science

| >>547971

10/10 The Way of Kings reference, didn't think I'd find someone else who's reading/read that.

| make everything you own have one singular fragrance. i like vanilla and cocoa butter, so i buy lotions, shampoos, lip balms etc that smell like those things, and i use unscented products for everything else. you can use something traditionally "feminine" with something fruity though i guess

| Too much discourse, not enough brainstorming

| >>66608d take out half your brain

| Wear a burka. :P

| >>547971 I see you are a man of taste.

| >>547737
Try not being a tranny

| >>548515
Try not being so insufferable that you think insulting someone in their own thread for things that will never affect you is ok.

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