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Is it legal to rape someone for april 1st joke?

| Asking for a friend.

| Only in Florida

| No. It's not legal.

| Depends on where you live. Give me your full address just to make sure.

| Only if you are a girl

| It's not legal, but should be

| I can't fucking believe you would even joke about this

| I love you /a/

| As long as you bring your joke pass.

| Yes, but you need to use condoms and remember to pay their dinner after the joke

| >>547387

this tbh.

and of course, only if they had a ravishing fetish.

| Only if it's a Waifu Pillow

| >>547366
You mistook us. This is /d/egenerate.

| It was originally on /a/. Got moved

| So threads move sometimes.

| >>547885 just to keep you on your toes.

| >>c3eb6e I like how it wasn't taken down but just moved

| This thread is insane...

| I hate when people say "rape is not a joking matter" Comedy and humor has no bounds people.

| Now it's too late you'll have to wait until easter to be able to legally rape again

| Maybe in some muslim country It could be legal?

| >>548454 to quote the Beatles
>I'm the Sheik of Araby,
>Your love belongs to me.
>At night when you're asleep
>Into your tent I'll creep.

| Man, somebody kill this thread, even my commentary was so insane

| I doubt any of us are experts. You should try it and find out, op.

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This thread is permanently archived