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Are switch people ok with submissive?

| ?

| that's why it's called switch?

| Nintendo is a pretty soft dom

| I mean if switch need other switch or they can stay with someone.. i'm not switch so..

>>02bdea good to know, i guess that PC is better domme.

| >>33323a see it like this, some people like coke, some like Pepsi and some like both. You ain't gonna break up with them just cause they like both, tho it could be a problem if you both like coke

| >>02d477 thank you for reply. It's what i needed :)

| Hello.

I own a Nintendo switch, and feel experienced enough with the system to act as a representative for you. Now, the system doesn't actually have any way of knowing if you are a dom and/or a sub, so if that was what you were thinking don't worry.

Un the bedroom I think that subs are completely alright. I prefer more moderate people than anyone who's extremely submissive or dominating, but when it comes down to it subs I'm with are pretty satisfied so don't worry OP you're ok.

| thanks you for reply

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This thread is permanently archived