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opinions on shota/lolicon

| c'mon people, we aren't let UN shut us down right ??

| I think it's absolutely insane to censor art. It's a legitimate slippery slope. I also find the opinions behind such art to be completely fueled by emotions and impulsive.

| Meh, i've met a lot of lolicons that would shove their loli porn to my face, would be nice if they just kept it to themselves.

| I'm all for freedom of speech, press or whatevs for artistic liberty but some times people take that shit too seriously....like to the point of kidnapping ACTUAL kids but to each their own I guess lol

| I'm a huge lolicon+shotacon. But still think it should be a behind closed doors sort of thing.

| i love loli so much and will fight for its right to exist. and the existential crisis is as real as ever.

also artists are the worst, shaming other artists off of platforms because they disapprove of their particular kinks. fuck people who do that.

| /SS/ is the god damn best thing ever I cum so fucking hard seeing an onee-san "helping" a shota. Fuuuuuucckkk. Also god bless Pochi


| >>547053
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| Inb4 thread is closed

| >>547053 КГБ

| 2d shota and loli is completely fine, great even. 3d is a big nono.

| Eh, most lolicons rarely try to bring their fetish IRL because of the severe punishment for actual pedos. I mean, compared to furry they are better at keeping it to themselves. Furry suit and furry convention those are 2 things that lolicons/shotacons can't arrange for their fetish.

| The queen is probably into shots tbh

| >>547312 some feds should try and set that up, do a few random searches maybe, most of the people who've been prosecuted had loli and real cp so

| I'm a fan of both loli and freedom of expression. Even though I sometimes find loli that's so creepy and/or realistic that it makes me (a half-pedo(lolicon)) feel sick, I still don't want it to be illegal or removed.

Fuck kink shaming. Fuck censorship.

You're completely right. Most lolicons don't, but not a lot of people understand that. Can't wait for the day people start to realize that uncommon sexual attraction ≠ rapist.

| >>547925 nah kink shaming is fine in most cases, better to have people openly against something then pretend it's ok and never talk to you again

| It makes me go from "peepee hard" to "what the fuck no" in a fraction of a second, but so long as you don't diddle actual kids and stay away from them it's okay, do whatever you want.

| Short answer: no.
Long answer: if physical child porn is banned, loli/shota shouldn't be this loophole around it. We shouldn't demonize them for shit decisions, just try to get them off that.

| >>546476 pretty sure danger/u/ almost got shut down because of it as well.

| >>547942 that was actual cp not loli

| >>547946
Yup. There's a huge difference.

| >>547940
But being able to watch loli would probably help though, wouldn't it? Yes, they should know that fucking kids is bad. But if they're not fucking kids, and they're not watching people fucking kids, then why should they have their only remaining outlet taken away from them?

| >>547926
Well, telling someone that their sexual fetish makes you uncomfortable is one thing. Telling them that they are garbage human beings, that they should despise themselves (which they most likely already do if they're a pedophile) and bully them for something that's not a choice is fucked up. That's what kink shaming is, and it's disgusting.

| >>547953 I guess we've seen it used differently then, saying insect rape is disgusting is basically what I'm referring to not sure why someone would become that offended over someone having that fetish though

| >>547963
kink shaming, in my experience, as a lolicon, is more like "we're going to treat you like dogshit and ostracize you until you and your favorite artists leave, and if that doesnt work we're going to raise a fuss and get you deplatformed, and then we're going to file a cybertip against you for promoting child porn and pedophilia. you disgusting subhuman freak."

thats the kind im accustomed to i guess, different than "eww gross please tag that with content warning sicko"

| >>547996
Yup. That's kink shaming.

| >>548010 then I stand by>>547926

| >>547996 imo that's probably crossing the line to harassment, which does seem to have picked up against people who like lolis lewd or not with the UN Reddit Twitter discord et cetera banning

| >>548019 scratch this message I can't read, thought it was a reply to>>547963

| I just don't understand how people think that liking Lolis = liking real little girls

It's the same with murder in video games and stuff. I'm not going to go an kill someone because I like doing it in a game right? So I'm not going to go and molest ugly 3d kindergarteners either

| >>548130
Thank you. Love both loli porn and video game murder, but both of those things absolutely disgusting me irl.

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