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i want to hold

| i want to hold a loli in my arms TONIGHT

| Don't we all

| i mean it. and when im holding her i wanna stroke her hair and tell her how much i love her.

| Loli's bite they're mean.

| Lolis need hugs and head pats not to sleep with big dirty perverts

| >>542738
i will bite you for your fucking grammar

| Me too. Though I know that kinda thing will never happen to me

| after i say how much i love her thats when id move in for a kiss on her cheek!

| >>542841
i think u shud stahp

| >>d0a1f5
op what is your fav loli currently

| Your haaaaaaand

| Fucking pedo pig

| Tonight we're reporting on a new social media platform by pedophile hacker group Anonymous. This social media platform is known as "Danger/u/" and has a reported user base of more than 2500 members. Is this danger/u/ a terrorist threat that may be planning to abduct your children and hold them tonight? More at 11 about this new pedophile threat, and how to protect your family.

| Yay I was promoted from alt-right useless neet to pedo hacker!

| >>543094
not a crime -- I like underaged girl in anime -- anime is not real -- therefore my crime is not real

Also lolis are legal.

| >>542904
i dont really have a favorite... i couldnt choose just one. i want to snuggle them all because theyre all so wonderful.

| >>543195 the un is gonna ban them tho

| >>542466
Adopt a loli. Love loli non-sexually. Protect that smile.
There will always be more loli to adopt when loli grows up.

| >>543249
i know one child protection org against that measure. theres only a couple days left to send criticism to the UN, so quickly go to the bottom of this page and fill the form to add your signature to the email theyre sending at the end of the month opposing the UNs proposal.

| >>543312
im going to love that loli

| >>543195 eh in the us the protect act made them illegal though I think that's been overturned and you can still fall South of obscenity laws

| And in a lot of other countries they are straight up illegal

| >>543249 >>543329
even the existing ones or the production of them ???
i wanna cry.
If anyone can tell me where i can quickly buy hentai so i can stock up. or websitess

| i dont know whose idea it was to criminalize thoughts drawn onto paper but its wrong for that to be illegal.

please read the article in the link which explains what the UN is doing

| i want a cute loli to take all my pain away and make tomorrow a brighter day.

| >>543329
if this shit gets passed,i'm moving on to the real thing

| >>544261
thats not good for your mind anon so please dont ever do that no matter what. 2d loves you.

| >>544261
Your sexual frustration doesn't entitle you to rape children.

| >>544310
i think we can agree hes at least entitled to fiction and fantasy.

| >>544261
This g/u/RL is right. You might not get as much love from 3d as u would 2d.

| Hi /d/, is anyone obsessed with happy sugar life ??

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