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What do you find a shameful habit you wish you could stop ?

| I find it incredibly shameful to read BL. But I can't stop reading it. It's like the only think that makes me happy... I mean i can be happy, but not always. BL always makes me feel wholesome consistently and I don't have to go through tiring social shit.

| Also fapping to hentai.... hahahha....
incest is one of my favourite.

| while we're at it here is one of my favourite BL:


one shot
I also like other works from this author ^^ the hands and bodies are so elegant

| I shove mashed bananas up my anus when I masturbate. I want to stop, but the rush of goop that floods out my anus with high pressured force during orgasm is irresistible after trying it once.

| It has to do with cats....
Real ones, not catgirls

| Not as juicy as anything else here, but I spend all day compulsively thinking about removing all of my fleshy limbs and putting robotic replacements in. It's actually getting in the way of my life right now. Please help, I don't want to accidentally slice off a finger doing something I should be paying attention to because I was busy thinking about how pleasant it would be to be able to turn parts of me on and off or move them with precision.

| Surfing through porn and masturbating for 4-8 hours. I can't do anything about it, it's an addiction.

| >>542322
Maybe it's time to see an addiction specialist?

| Finding a doujin or video I like, then immmediately skipping down to recommendations instead of reading it.

| >>542324 are there people like that? That's a real job? I mean I guess there are some but I don't think it's spread out.

| Sniffing popper

| >>c9a5ac is this a cross post? Are you the guy from the other board?

| Staying up at night on my phone when I have work on the next day.

| >>542207 i've never heard about that before
isn;t hard to clean it out :thonk:

| >>542366 >.> then what;s the point anon

| >>542439
:)) chinese addiction control camps :))

but yeh they exist

| >>542439
This website apparently says so.

| I can't stop myself reading fucked up doujins. I try to quit at the beginning of every month, but I'm usually back to reading them within a week. It makes me hate myself.

| >>542692 ur right haha
but it's more of a daily thing for me

| Fucking cats

| >>542675
The real problem. I dont even read anything productive

| arguing online about anime when I should be doing something productive for society

| >>543247
Improving other people's taste is anime is productive for society

| >>543406
Unless your taste is shit

| >>504027 tell us your taste so we can tell if you're productive to society or not

| >>541927 same here, that and fucking cigarettes lol I have lost count of how many times i have gotten sick from smoking the past two years....oh, well hope they bury me with my bl collection soon lol

| i cant stop cewing my clothing

| >>543695
and on the next episode of my strange addiction

| >>543692 0.0 wow you have money to buy collections. i'm hecking poor i guess but i read online.
where can you buy ? :/

| >>a01b70 Yeah, that's me. Reading that thread through just now made me feel like I wasn't alone. Really gives me the feeling I need to keep working on my fantasy prosthetics and trying not to accidentally cut my hand off on a band saw. Wish I wasn't gone for a while and could've kept it going.

| Honestly I would say the only shameful thing I do if it's shame is jack off too much

| >>543695 implying you misspelt chewing, I had that problem as a kid. Used to have wrinkly collars and occasional holes from my slobber. Now it's not too bad but I'll chew napkins or tissues because I just instinctively want to chew and snack.

| >>5ae49d I buy most of my stuff from mandarake or Japanese Amazon and have tenso ship it to my house...not too expensive if you buy it in small amounts!

| Existing

| I'm surprised no one mentioned lolis. But, yeah.

| >>542692 from a scale of 1 to 10 how weird is this for you ?


| >>6cd34d kinda fucked but there's much worse out there lol I'm sure it's a dream for some guy out there

| >>544930 because lolis are not shameful and we shouldn't stop with them

| >>546527 the god darn truth

| >>544661 i see thanks ^^ still have bad spending habits thi

| >>546527 Thanks, stranger :')

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