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What's your favourite pantsu colour and design

| My favourite is the classic horizontal striped design, usually blue and white or Hatsune green and white

| horizontal stripes will always win, but black lace makes a good alternative

| Can't ever go wrong with horizontal stripes

| Pink shimapan!
Also plain white is its own cuteness

| White with pink horizontal stripes owo

| The one of Hanekawa from Monogatari series
Don't know how that pattern is called

| Transparent

| Blue and white is pretty nice.

| Black latex with white ruffles :3

| >>ee9528 Nani!!??? Nudists get out!! Clothing is hotter than!!

| cartoon print

| Polka dots

| Hmm I generally don't like plain white, but I did see one plain white with a small black bow that I really liked, but in general shimapan or any solid color is appreciated, and texture wise I want them to look comfy, lace looks nice and all but I don't want to rub my hands on rough lace as much as some nice soft pantsu

| Pink with see-through back

| Black lace with ribbon and a lil' bit see through owo

| Whatever mommy wears UwU

| with garter belt is all i'm saying

| Kuma print.

| >>541914 yes please

| what if: no pants, just tights

| >>542657 tights are super hot especially with light colored pantsu under them

| What if: damaged tights.

| >>542764 nah

| damaging tights is a lot hotter than having them pre-damaged

| Fools, all of you. Nothing better accentuates the thiccness of your waifu than damaged tights, as their slightly overweight legs bulge out of the gaps, creating a contrast between skin and outer skin, lightly flushing due to the pressure of being inside tights. Beautiful, just beautiful.

| Tights are not pantsu!!!!!

| tights? nah. what about thigh height socks ?

| >>542929 yeh but still it's hot

| Clear.

| >>542837 what about the thigh-high skindentation effect? it accomplishes almost the same thing but with subtlety and grace rather than the loud sluttiness of ripped tights. plus, the damage in multiple, often random places, shows off little skin and in less valuable areas, while thigh-highs perfectly showcase the prime area of thigh. why would you ever give that up for random patches of knee and calf?

| >>543248 you just opened a new door. but aren;t you also the person who said>>542779

| >>543728 yes. I was saying that pre-damaged tights aren't all that interesting, but the chance to actually perform the ripping of the tights is.

| black/dark wool stockings. They're the best!

| >>544118
I mean ofc. overknees. And with skirt. No underwear. So that cunt/dick are ready for action.

| >>543248 Damaged tights aren't slutty, because most times it's not intentional. Stockings with garterbelt, however, are slutty. It's with full knowledge the skindentation effect is further enhanced with the belt pulling the hem of the stocking up, pushing the fat of the thigh out even further for all to see in the ultimate tease technique.

>no undies

| >>544528 no u

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