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Tasty lolis

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-Ey, look what a tasty lolipop ive got.
And ive got even more!!!
. . . . . () () () () ()
<(OwO)/. ./ ./ ./ ./ ./
Dont shy, take 1 and enjoy!!!


| >sticks loli into dickslit
Mmm, yummy!

| these lolis taste like lollies!

| I will not accept your loli!!!

| Just be careful with this lolis. As we all know - no loligagging.


| Wait a minute, this isn't lolicon... This is vore!

| >>535863
If you let a loli eat the loli would it be... lolivore?

| loli is pure and good. there are many horrible things in this world but loli is not one of them. i ask you to take just one moment out of your day today to express your love for loli, because loli loves you too.

| >>536091 ye, we should show loli our love... BY SUCKING DRY THOSE LOLI-LOLIPOPS
.\-(>д<) ~♡

| I'm collecting classic rock CDs for my van!~

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This thread is permanently archived