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The id doujin

| Type the id after /g/ https://nhentai.net/g/theIDnumba
To get the doujin.

If the id has letters
Then swap the letters with numbers following the pattern below.

a=1 b=8 c=3 d=7 e=2 f=5

The id on top of your post is your favorite doujin

Your id is the doujin that makes you cum in less than a minute

The id below is the doujin that you think it represents the perfect life

(If you're the last post my id is your below id)

| Also if the doujin doesn't exist just add one to the first number (go from 9 to 0) until you find one

| Instructions unclear, flung burg into Buzzfeed headquarters.

| instructions unclear, made fake id

| instructions very unclear, pls just give me my URL

| >>82da86

There you go

Actually i just realized that a doujin cannot start with a zero so to solve that you just need to delete the firt number when reaching 0

So your doujin would actually be this one


| So HTTPS://nhentai.net/g/44821/
Is that correct?

| Apparently not...

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This thread is permanently archived