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Loli ban

| So Tumblr bans porn, Sony censors anything lewd, Reddit bans anything petite NSFW or not, now discord bans lewd petite/Loli characters

Also the UN is planning to ban lolis

So uhh

| if everybody bans 2d lolis they must want us to go after the 3d ones. the world is full of real lolis that nobody can ban g/u/rl !

| >>534203 I'm not into 3d lolis, only really into petite characters but they're getting swept up in the Loli ban too so

| Don't forget that twitter is banning lolis and all the japanese artists are not happy about it

Good thing i'm into grown up anime girls

| >>534215 are they, I can't read Japanese but I've still seen a few across my timeline today

| >>534219 a few lolis that is.
And for the record I'm mostly russled by this because they banned Neptune and Blanc from Neptunia (I would call them petite not Loli personally) but big tittie onee-chans are good too

| There's a really fine line between "portraying underage characters in implied sexual situations as a way to discuss sexuality and other unromanticized topics to the target demographic(sexual abuse, r*pe, etc)" and "portraying characters who are underage or appear underage in sexual situations due to it being sexually appealing".

| And the term "loli" is just a shortened version of "Lolita", from the book that was narrated by a middle-aged man who constantly raped and sexually abused the titular character. Thanks to the world's worst game of Telephone, "Lolita" has become synonymous with a young girl who's sexually provocative, and readers and publishers who say that the book is a love story.

| >>534252 that's where it's from but not how it's used. Also Lolita makes me think of dresses and such :p

| Depending on who you ask, loli is a child, is someone who looks or acts child like, or is just flat and short

| Flat and short are top tier waifus.

| the UN is asking for feedback on their guidelines that would treat loli the same as cp/csem.

please fill out this fun form to send them an email: https://prostasia.org/campaign/art-not-csem/

if you are ambitious you could write your own too, just ensure it follows their guidelines:

| >>534251
rope? ripe?

| It's so fucked man. I love lolis! Both the hentai kind and the non-sexual kind.
The fact that people actually compare lolis, wholesome and otherwise, to child pornography is the dumbest shit, and I really hope they don't ban it here. I doubt they will, but fuck.
Don't they have anything better to do than try to thought police people and fuck them over for being attracted to something as harmless as drawings?

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