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Lost doujin! help ;-;

| It had a shota mage or something. He manages to control a woman(that was attacking him) by putting a ring on her clit. Then she became his pupil.
I remember another girl showing up that became his pupil too.

| Help me too, please. I've lost two of them.

First was about a schoolboy, who got a glasses that give him power to see through clothes. It starts right in the class, as far as I remember.

Second was about guy, who stole his sister, tied her to a bed, blinded her with piece of cloth and took her virginity. I remember that author is pretty popular artist, but can't remember him, his works or any tags.

| OP here. I'm almost sure it was adapted into an animated hentai.
>>533604 it probably had the tag harem or futanari (I cant remember any futanari in the comic but it was probably a misstagged clit growth)

| OP here again.
>>533897 OMG

i cant believe that i actually saw the thumbnail of the hentai a bunch of times while researching it

Every single time i saw the thumbnail i was like "not that one"

Dammit me

| Still waiting for the hero whos gonna make my evening and find that two titles

Glad for the op though

| >>533610 I've read the first one but don't remember the name, I'm so sorry.
>one true todd

| >>533610
For the first one
Using male:glasses and x-ray you can reduce the ammout of pages in e-hentai.org to 60 (25 per page)
X-ray means seeing under the skin (for instance seeing the penis inside the uterus) which doesn't mach the description but it helps to eliminate a lot of options

What other possible tags it could have?

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