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Post something heretical

| Sometimes I use the non-h tag and just read cute fluff

| Tuna, godless fish they are

| I held hands with someone of the opposite sex yesterday, and intertwined our fingers as well. We weren't even married yet.


| I unironically think that Manus did nothing wrong

| >>534110 >>Erebus

| Cathar
Believing the material world was created by satan and the immaterial created by the true god, the Cathar believed men and women were equal, homosexuality and non procreative sex is fine.

| People who wear shorts during wintertime

| Mistaking your Black Lotus for your Blacker Lotus, then tapping it.

| >>534340 I have the Biggest, Blackest Lotus get on my level

| >>534377
I hope they make that one day.

| I like reading self-insert fanfictions that don't even have smut and involve the canon characters comforting me or telling me I'm still beautiful to them even without my flaws

Even boy characters despite me being gay and not wanting to fuck them

| I wear socks with sandals sometimes

| I spend 5+ dollars coffee near daily- and yes I am overbudget this month.

| >>534937
That's not okay man...

| I use light mode on both discord and Twitter!

| >>04f615 eheheheheheheheheh

| Not reading To Love-Ru Darkness for the plot

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