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What happened to this board???

| With a category titled "Doujin", one would think that it'd be about sharing and discussing fanwork, but all I see are a bunch of NSFW threads???? U _ U

| Because people on /a/ and /u/ usually don't welcome weird fetish/degenerate stuff.

So they push it here because doujins are infamous for it.

| Yeah this is our lewd board, you're welcome to post things yourself but there's really not much to say about a doujin other than, "eww" or, "hot"

| Reply

| I agree with OP. Always confused me. Why not rename it to nswf or something. Doujin can be anything, can't it? Hell, touhou is a doujin.

| >>533738 why is /tech/ tech it's only for Linux

| >>533819 I don't think so.

| >>533907 it's true though. Can't say a Word there withoud being preached about free soft

| The board should at least be changed from just the vague "Doujin" - since that can just mean anything, depending on the Japanese or Western perception - to "Ero Doujin". Then that'll get people to know that it's board with sexual content.

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This thread is permanently archived