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Getting to know an H-artist

| Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become friends with an h-artist whose works you've fapped to a numerous amount of times?
Would you still fap to their work? Would it feel weird knowing the dude that makes you cum? Would you be thinking of that dude in the back of your mind as you masturbated? Would you tell him "Ah dude, I can't wait to masturbate to your next work"? Likewise, how would the h-artist feel becoming friend with someone who faps to all his work?

| I'd fap harder to their work

| There are female artists too, you know.

| >>532241 Imagine fapping to a female hentai artist, that would be pretty interesting.

| Just present scenarios using these 2 artists as an example:
Shadman VS Zone

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This thread is permanently archived